DeepScreen technology protects your business data before it’s at risk

Eliminate the risk of your sensitive business data being hacked.

Avast for Business protects your business data

Avast for Business protects your business data

Most of the truly dangerous malware is designed to harvest valuable business information – especially financial data. So hackers design malware to look like an innocent video, application, or website cookie. Sometimes malware can even be disguised as a exit button on an infected website. Basically, hackers use all kinds of tricks to get unsuspecting people to click, download, or run their malware.

The problem is that malware often ends up on a company computer or network completely by mistake. The file might look like a useful business graphic or tool, but when opened, it unleashes malicious code that takes over the computer and even the network.

So how do you stop this when you have 10, 20, 30, or more PCs, Macs, and servers under your care?

Make protection automatic

When a file is “DeepScreened” by Avast, it actually runs in the Sandbox, which is mainly responsible for keeping things isolated while watching for various high-level events and behavior of the program running. For example, it monitors the system call invocation and overall behavior of the program which is being executed.

This gives DeepScreen a chance to analyze the code and compare it against Avast’s massive cloud-based database, compiled from more than 230 million systems worldwide, to see if anything looks familiar. If the file behaves like malware, DeepScreen keeps you safe by quarantining the file in the Avast for Business Virus Chest. With no additional work on your part, DeepScreen automatically protects your company’s computers, files, sensitive information, and even your reputation.

Save time and money

When malware is restricted  to a secure virtual sandbox, your PCs, Macs, and servers are protected BEFORE any risk is introduced. No more having an employee sit idly by while somebody restores a computer. No more losing files that were corrupted. No more work interruptions from malware.

Most importantly, DeepScreen keeps sensitive information private, protecting the trust you’ve earned from employees and customers. And, as some larger companies in the news are finding out, business security can be the difference between profits and out-of-business.

Start protecting your company with Avast for Business which incorporates  DeepScreen technology, all for completely FREE .

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