Cyber awareness tips for people on-the-go

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Most AVAST users take their devices with them to school and work, so we asked for security tips for people on-the-go. Congratulations to Bruno V. from Brazil who wrote the winning tip:


To spend the day with no worries in the rush of daily tasks you need to have the following:

By accessing sites and emails never forget to log off the user account to leave.

Never go to unknown links to check for new information, the rush at the moment you can access places where you usually do not enter.

When doing a search, be wary of information and programs that promise many things without much effort.

Have a program to secure permanent protection, accurate and reliable. In short, have AVAST installed on your computer!

While you take care of your routine, AVAST cares for you!

AVAST protection without worries! 24 hours of dedication to its main asset, you!

Some tips were quite practical, like this one from Val A. of the Philippines:

#1. In rainy days, use Waterproof bag when on the go
#2. Secure the laptop , tablet, smartphone with a password before login (don’t share your password with everyone)
#3. Avoid gadgets in direct sunlight (this is one of the basic protocol)
#4. Disconnect Bluetooth every after use
#5. Don’t let others borrow your laptop, tablet or smartphone specially those whom do you never meet before.

#6. Please.  Read the User Manual, Guidelines, Safety and precautions of your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to all our Facebook fans who shared their security tips with us. These are valuable suggestions for cyber awareness (and rainy days) that we will continue to share with others. Bruno won Round 4 of our #SecurityTip contest and receives a Nexus 7 tablet and a 1-year license for avast! Internet Security. Five participants also won a 1-year license for avast! Internet Security for getting the most votes for their tip. Congratulations to:

  • Celedonia S.  from Peru
  • Postolachi D. from Romania
  • Alejandro C. from Mexico
  • Abdul W. from Pakistan
  • Reginald R. from Indonesia

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