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Stop Malvertisements from Causing a Click-tastrophe on Your Computer

Web ads: sometimes annoying, other times entertaining and useful, but for the most part, harmless. Or so you thought. It seems that cybercriminals are now turning their attention toward pulling you in with a strong sales message, and you may be none the wiser until it’s too late. Your neighborhood hacker has decided to start Read more…

Urausy Lockscreen: Your computer will remain locked for 3 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes!

Yes, if your computer gets infected by Urausy Lockscreen, it will get locked. Luckily, not forever! Avast protects you against it. In this blogpost we will introduce an infamous lockscreen called Urausy. We will look at its special anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering tricks, at its communication protocol, and determine what the conditions (if any) are […]

Is Your Mobile Device Misbehaving? How to Catch Common Malware Misbehaviors

Nothing in life is free, and that’s especially true when it comes to mobile apps. Thousands of free apps are flooding the marketplace—most are legitimate and available at no initial cost. But they often come at the price of offering up data from your smartphone or tablet that you might not be aware of or Read more…

Multisystem Trojan Janicab attacks Windows and MacOSX via scripts

On Friday 12th July a warning from an avast! fan about a new polymorphic multisystem threat came to an inbox of avast company. Moreover, an archive of malicious files discussed here were attached. Some of them have been uploaded to Virustotal and therefore they have been shared with computer security professionals on the same day. […]

Top 7 tips when traveling with your computer

The AVAST forum is one of our largest and most active communities, with more than 300,000 users. The most active people on the forum are called Evangelists. They spend quite a lot of their free time helping and solving issues for our users, not only related to AVAST, but also with overall security. We asked […]

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: Superhero Searches Pose Online Risks

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… going to crash your computer? Little did Batman know the search for him across the World Wide Web almost singlehandedly brought down several of his fans’ computers. Across town in her invisible jet, Wonder Woman had no clue that in searching her out, fans’ computers were getting infected Read more…

Double the Security, Double the Fun: Protect Your Social Passwords with Two-Step Verification

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to your favorite social media sites. Many of the top sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used for entertainment and leisure, but they also store vital information identity thieves would love to get their hands on and disrupt your online life. For instance, personal login information Read more…

Six reasons to use avast! SecureLine VPN when traveling

Whether on business travel or vacation, you don’t want to worry about the security of your devices when you connect to the internet. Using a WiFi network in a café, airport, or hotel is a serious security risk that requires additional protection to secure your data and computer. avast! SecureLine VPN is now completely integrated […]

Anca: French Princess of the FREEKs

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Anca Elena Amariei is a new member of the FREEking wonderful AVAST social media team which now boasts Community Managers for our French, Spanish, and Russian speaking communities. Together with Albert Soriano and Anna Shirokova, these vibrant, talented people make up the A-Team! Anca is Romanian with such a love for the language of Voltaire that […]

Anna: Russian Princess of the FREEks

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Anna Shirokova has joined the AVAST Social media team along with two other Community Managers: Albert Soriano and Anca Elena Amariei to create our A-Team. Anna is a native Russian speaker, living in Prague. When I met her for the first time, Anna was constantly busy with her mobile updating statuses across social media, I thought: […]