AVAST is top choice for mobile and PC security worldwide

Respected testing lab AV-Comparatives ranks AVAST as the most popular provider of both mobile security and antivirus protection in North America, South America, and Europe, and gaining in Asia.

AVcomp mobile security

“This survey highlights that AVAST is the most popular name in security in the world,” said Vincent Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “We proudly protect more than 210 million devices from hackers, thieves, spies and even governments.”

The rankings came from the fourth annual global survey released at the end of February. In the survey, AV-Comparatives states that internet usage among home and business users is growing, but how people access the internet is changing. Smartphone and tablet sales have increased, while laptop and desktop sales are on the decline. This means that the focus of cybercrooks is changing too.

Android owners are vulnerable without security protection

Mobile device owners are steadily realizing that the threat to their security is increasing. The survey confirms that the amount of mobile devices protected by security software is significantly lower than that of desktop devices, especially in North America.

“User awareness of mobile malware is dangerously low; yet in 2013, our virus lab found more than 1,850 new pieces of mobile malware a day,” commented Mr. Steckler. “People use their phones and devices for banking, shopping, and checking email. Malware on mobile devices is dramatically increasing, and people need to protect themselves just as they do on their PCs.”

avast! Free Mobile Security holds the #1 position in North America, South America, and Europe, and ranks third overall in Asia, after only being in the region for a short time. Download avast! Free Mobile Security for your Android device from the Google Play store.

avast! Free Antivirus most popular in the world

AV-Comp 2014In North America, AVAST dominated the antivirus list while Microsoft fell two places to third position.  “Microsoft previously regarded their own security program as a “baseline” and encouraged users to install third-party solutions,” said AV-Comparatives editors.We suggest that you use one of AVAST’s security products instead of relying on Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender.

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