Avast for Business makes life easy for IT professionals

Businesses and organizations use Avast for Business, the security solution that’s easy to deploy and manage (and free!).

Business sectors such as education, retail, healthcare, IT consulting firms love and use Avast business security solutions for their ease-of-use and effectiveness against threats. In less than a year, more than one million devices have been secured by our cloud-managed security solution.  A reason for its success is because many businesses, schools, and other organizations lack the IT resources to install costly and complex security solutions.

At our recent Avast Grand Opening gala event, a team of Avastians demonstrated how even the most IT-challenged staff can easily deploy Avast for Business to manage PCs, Macs, and servers from a central console and easily set up different levels of protection.

Michal Trs and Martin Svoboda present Avast for Business at the Grand Opening gala event.

Michal Trs and Martin Svoboda present Avast for Business at the Grand Opening gala event.

Once the team had demonstrated how to deploy an account, they then showed what happens in the nightmare scenario of an infection running wild in a company network. In the simulation, a threat detection was emailed to the central console, where the team’s acting IT professional was able to view and manage potential threats on all employee devices protected by Avast for Business.

The best part? Everything from deploying the program to managing it on employee devices can be done from the comfort of an IT professional’s own office chair. Sign up for an Avast for Business account on on our website.


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