Avast for Business gets task scheduling for IT admins

The Avast business solutions team is excited to announce the newest update to Avast for Business – Task Scheduling.

All scheduling features are  turned on in the Premium version, for those who manage multiple endpoints

All scheduling features are turned on in the Premium version, for those who manage multiple endpoints

Now Avast for Business users can set the date, time, and frequency for all scans, updates, and system shutdowns. This reduces the impact on your workforce and increases your protection.

“The task scheduler in the Premium version of Avast for Business gives IT managers the ability to plan all their tasks in advance,” explained Martin Svoboda, Avast for Business’s technical product manager. “Even more, they can set up how often tasks will be executed, which means that this feature saves their time!”

Better protection, less disruption

We recommend that IT managers schedule a weekly full-system scan to ensure that your network is safe. You can also schedule scans to run over night or during lunchtime to preserve productivity. Check out these examples:

At a school – All the computers in each classroom, lab, and office need to be turned off at the end of the school day. The old, time-consuming way was to visit each room and manually shut down one-by-one. With Task Scheduling, the administrator can use the Avast for Business web console to create a shutdown task that will execute every day at 6:00 PM. No more walking the hallways at the end of the day; all devices will shut down when you schedule them to.

Select how often your task should run

Select how often your task should run


In a company – As the owner of a small company, one of your most important tasks is to keep your customer’s data secure. Many SMBs and non-profits allow BYOD (bring your own device), but employees have valuable data on their devices that you need to make sure stays secure. One click of an infected webpage, and your whole network could be at risk for data leaks and hackers. With task scheduler,  you can create a task which will be executed every day at 12:00 AM and perform a scan on all devices. In case there is an infection, Avast Antivirus can handle it before it reaches the company network.

Select the time your task should run

Select the time your task should run


What else is new in Avast for Business 1.9

  • Ability to schedule all types of tasks [Premium only]
  • Ability to schedule recurring tasks [Premium only]
  • Ability to manage exclusions for the Sandbox
  • Ability to manage your Web browser exclusion-settings for the Sandbox
  • Ability to manage Sandbox storage
  • The “Devices awaiting activation” notification now contains up to 20 devices plus a link to the web Console where you can see all awaiting devices

Avast for Business is the first free business-grade security for PCs, Macs, and servers. It’s managed via a web-based portal and available to protect business networks of all sizes. Learn how you can get started with Avast for Business in your company or school.

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