avast! File Server Security wins Virus Bulletin award with ease

Our high-performancavast business solutionse avast! File Server Security software continues its run of perfect detection rate scores and excellent performance in the latest Virus Bulletin test concluded in October 2013.

The experts at VB’s labs said, “Avast hasn’t missed a VB100 comparative since 2007, and has maintained an impressive level of passes as well as keeping the lab team happy with good design and reliable performances.”

VB server 1013

avast! File Server Security scored 100% on detection rates with zero false positives on WildList samples and clean test sets. The test measures detection rates using the freshest malware samples available, as well as samples not seen until after product databases are frozen, thus reflecting both the vendors’ ability to handle the huge quantity of newly emerging malware and their accuracy in detecting previously unknown malware.

VB’s lab experts found that avast! File Server Security installed rapidly and with ease. The feel of the product’s graphical user interface (GUI) was similar to the desktop version, making it easy to navigate, and most importantly for the IT professional, responsive. Scanning speeds were steady and detection rates were strong and remained steady during the days of testing, making for a highly reliable product. They concluded by stating, “The certification sets presented no problems, and Avast earns another VB100 award comfortably.”

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