Avast Browser Cleanup removes 650 million unwanted browser add-ons with ease

Most Internet users are familiar with this problem all too well: After downloading a video player, Java, Flash updates or other software, the browser has suddenly changed. New buttons and icons in all colors and sizes along with an URL entry bar take up valuable real estate on your browser. The browser runs noticeably slower – and the results look different. Most annoying is that the advertising becomes more prominent.

Our free utility gets rid of annoying toolbars and restores hijacked searches.

Over the past two years, Avast Browser Cleanup has identified more than 60 million different browser add-ons which are often bundled with other free software, such as video players, Java and Flash updates. These toolbars typically occupy the horizontal space below a user’s browser and can include buttons, icons, and menus. Despite removing and re-installing a browser, toolbars will often remain, which is a behavior similar to malware.

 “We’ve entered the decade of unwanted add-ons — Google is now cracking down and removing ad-injecting toolbars from its Chrome store. Avast detects these toolbars and many more and is focusing on helping users battle browser toolbars that are one of the biggest consumer security outbreaks since spyware,” said Vince Steckler, Chief Executive Officer of Avast.

While not malicious per se, browser add-ons that come as toolbars can hijack and switch a user’s search preferences and can be extremely difficult to remove once installed. Avast Browser Cleanup removes these unwanted toolbars from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer and lets users restore their search engine preference. Previously available as a feature in Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Browser Cleanup has now been made available as a new, free stand-alone product.

The new version of Avast Browser Cleanup includes improved browser compatibility, support of the latest browsers, more homepages to choose from when resetting the browser, and more aggressive detection of toolbar protectors that make removal difficult. Additionally, Avast Browser Cleanup now runs in the background, notifying the user when it detects a potentially unwanted or malicious toolbar.

Are you an Avast user? You already have Avast Browser Cleanup.

Avast Browser Cleanup is integrated in all Avast antivirus security products, including the free version.

Use another antivirus product? You can use stand-alone Avast Browser Cleanup.

If you don’t use Avast as your antivirus protection, Avast Browser Cleanup can be downloaded as a free stand-alone software.

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