Android Banker Trojan preys on credit card information

An Android Trojan is spying on its victims and even tricking some into giving up their credit card information.

Most of today‚Äôs malware authors create malware for one of two reasons: either to make money or to steal valuable data. In this blog post, we will show how an Android Trojan relies on social engineering. Social engineering tactics are used to trick people into performing an action, like clicking on a link or downloading an application. The person being tricked thinks they are doing something innocent when they are really clicking on or downloading something malicious. This malware is associated with the banker family as it tries to steal user’s credit card information.

Once installed, the Banker Trojan puts an icon in the launcher.The app name shown with the icon can vary from sample to sample — some of the names we have seen were : AVITO-MMS, KupiVip and MMS ????? (MMS Center).

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