1700 #SecurityTips in the AVAST contest. The best of round 2.

The second round of the AVAST contest has ended with a phenomenal result of 1700 #SecurityTips. Users participate by sharing their knowledge with others and at the same time they get a chance to win free avast! Mobile Premium and avast! Internet Security licenses, as well as Nexus 7 tablets and a Nexus 4 smartphone. The contest has four rounds and each week we will ask you a different question. So, don’t miss your chance! Enter here, to submit your tip.

During Round 2, we asked participants the following question:



Now we would like to share with you the most valuable, creative, and helpful tips to keep your mobile device safe and secured. Here they are:

Tip 1. #SecurityTip: Read through the app permissions to make sure they make sense and correspond to what the app actually does example: an alarm app does not require a permission to access your text messages. ~ Aleksandar G.

Tip 2. Don’t send personal data over public wireless networks – at cafés. Public wireless networks may or may not be secure and there is a risk that others may be able to capture data sent over these networks ~ Laima Kulikajevien? 

Tip 3.

Do Not install cracked apps.
Do not enter “strange” websites.
Do not give personal information to anyone.
Do not allow your dog to use it. (He can have strange habits)

~ Charles Feres

Tip 4.


Always delete messages containing sensitive data

Very cautious about what applications to download

Avast mobile security

Strong password for mobile device

Turn off “Wi-Fi” when not connecting

Katniss S.

Tip 5. 

Only install apps approved by playstore or windows store or itunes store
Only allow trusted apps to access data
Install antivirus app to keep phone safe
Only share important information in https
create a strong password to protect your phone

~ Amator J.

Check our blog on Monday to see a list of winners of Round 2 and get ready for Round 3:


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