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Why some people would rather be right than believe a malware warning

Would you rather trust the virus experts or your instincts? Every day 140,000 people connect their USB flash drive or mobile phone to a computer, and get a warning from Avast about an infection called LNK:Jenxcus. Which kind of person are you? Many of them act on that information from their trusted Avast Antivirus security […]

Behind the CARO conference’s curtains: Meet AVAST speakers!

For seven years, the CARO Workshop has been hosted in Europe. It is an outstanding technical meeting, attended by some of the best malware researchers in the world. In 2014, the CARO workshop comes to America. ~CARO’s conference official website We are proud and happy to introduce you to our AVAST speakers and Security Experts […]

How to clean your hacked OpenX server

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Christmas is a time of peace, but it does not apply to hackers and creators of malware. In the middle of the holidays, the AVAST Virus Lab found a new type of infection targeting advertisement servers with OpenX installed. Unfortunately, the only antivirus detecting this threat is avast! which leads to the erroneous conclusion that […]

Malvertising and OpenX servers

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Malvertising is an abbreviation of malicious advertising and means that legitimate sites spread malware from their infected advertisement systems. There were many malvertising campaigns in last few years, some of them confirmed even on big sites like The New York Times, but most of them go unnoticed because they are well hidden and served only […]

Top 3 types of hacks against small websites

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This question, from a small-site owner with tens or hundreds of visitors per day, is an unfortunate but all too familiar one. One morning I started getting emails from my customers complaining that their antivirus reported my site as infected and won’t let them in. It must be some mistake because I don’t have an […]

Beware of poisoned apples

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Everybody knows the story of the beautiful Snow White. An evil queen with a bad temper gives a young girl a poisoned apple, because she apparently thinks that it would just make her day. Poor Snow White. All she wanted was a bite of this juicy apple. I guess this one particular bite didn’t make […]

Virus lab: team building

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Many of you might wonder how the virus lab works. Who are those guys setting behind the computers and analyzing malicious files. Well let us unveil some of the virus lab secrets and break stereotypes: 1. Virus lab team, doesn’t work in the laboratory 2. Virus analytic are real, nice human beings, not robots 3. Yes […]

Android:Obad – malware gets smarter – so does AVAST

If you had the privilege to meet Android:Obad, which Kaspersky earlier reported to be the “most sophisticated android malware,” you are in a real bad situation and this will probably be the moment to which you’ll be referring to in the future as “The time I learned the hard way what better-safe-than-sorry means.” A few […]

For Your Satisfaction – Android:Satfi-A [Trj]

We all have our favorite apps for all the things we do. I use Shazam when I don’t know what song is playing, Maps when I’m lost, FlightRadar24 when I’m curious about the plane flying over my head. These apps are there for my satisfaction; they meet some need. Each of us have different needs […]