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Not so Hack-tastic: Cyber Scams Cost Banks, and You, Millions

This year may just be deemed the era of the cyber security breach, with scores of online attacks running up millions of dollars in damages to a number of financial institutions. The tactics used range from revenge-focused “hacktivism” to illicit credit card scandals—a variety of scams that emphasize just how important it is to use Read more…

Prepare for #OpPetrol

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On June 20, Anonymous will launch the #OpPetrol campaign. It was announced on May 11, shortly after the campaign called #OpUSA began.

These types of attacks are often similar, as we have seen in previous operations, and may include:

  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
  • Hacking and defacing social media accounts or posting fake messages
  • Hacking and defacing organization websites or stealing information and posting it as “proof” of breach
  • Hacking organization servers and attempting sabotage, such as planting disk wiping malware

There are various ways attackers may target these organizations, including using tools like the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) or phishing emails to trick recipients into revealing account login details.

Symantec advises organizations to be prepared for attacks in the coming days.

Organizations should monitor for unusual activities in their networks, particularly any attempts to breach the perimeters. Staff members should be specifically trained on social engineering mitigation tactics along with regular security awareness training. As always, we continue to stress the importance implementing a multi-layered approach to defense.

These recommendations apply to all organizations as best practices that should be carried out regularly as most attackers do not provide warnings in advance to targets.

OpUSA begins today, is your organization ready?

Following on from recent concerted campaigns by Anonymous against Israel on April 7 and Facebook on April 5, the latest target for the online hacktivist collective is the USA and American online interests. Today, hackers and script kiddies of various a…

Massive U.S. cyberattack planned by Anonymous

“In the cross hairs of anonymous” The hacktivist group Anonymous announced phase one of a massive cyberattack, called Op USA,  on U.S government and banking websites scheduled for next Tuesday, May 7. The White House, the NSA, and the FBI are included on a list of high profile government targets, and 133 financial institutions including the […]

Anonymous Hacks Into U.S. Sentencing Commission Website in Response to Death of Aaron Swartz

Late Friday night, the hacktivist group Anonymous took control of the U.S. Sentencing Commission website in a new campaign called “Operation Last Resort.” The website was still experiencing downtime as of 11am PT this morning, and according to a ZDNet report, the website was re-hacked on Sunday afternoon and turned into a playable video game Read more…