How are you doing Mr. Android?

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First of all, I would like to shift your attention a bit backwards. No worries! This is no history lesson or something from the ancient past.  Rather, I would like to share with you folks some Android statistics from the last two years. Hopefully, it will give you a better idea about which malware is spread around the most. By the way, if growth of Android malware was on the stock exchange and you invested some money it it, you would be a billionaire in only a few months only. So let’s check out some graphs!


cumulative samples

It this first graph you can see how many samples we have to process in our databases. It shows dates between 2010 through the end of 2013. Pretty nice growth, isn’t it? Through the end of 2013, we had almost 800,000 unique suspicious Android samples which we had to process and cover in VPS updates.


On this second graph, you can see only the TOP 10 detections by malware families we have seen during the last half of a year. The majority are fake applications or data stealing apps. This group of malware can mess up your device really easily. Data which are mined from this app may be used against you pretty easily. Last year, I’ve blogged about few examples which we saw infecting devices – but that was just a piece of a bigger pie.

What might be strange on the second graph is that four of the top ten have something to do with SMS sending. That means they are able to steal your money using SMS messages easily. That’s probably most common way mobile cybercrooks quickly steal money. For malware programmers, it is really easy to access those parts in your devices and send premium messages.

I hope even skeptics will agree that protecting your device from malware threats is necessary these days. :) Try avast! Mobile Security for free.

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