Anna: Russian Princess of the FREEks

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image3Anna Shirokova has joined the AVAST Social media team along with two other Community Managers: Albert Soriano and Anca Elena Amariei to create our A-Team. Anna is a native Russian speaker, living in Prague. When I met her for the first time, Anna was constantly busy with her mobile updating statuses across social media, I thought: She could be the one.  With her creative spirit and great technical background, Anna became a perfect candidate to join our FREEking great Social Media team, to grow, engage and manage AVAST communities for the Russian market. Russian users: You can be looking forward to a first hand AVAST Russian experience. ???? ????? ?????????? ? AVAST

How did you learn that AVAST was looking for new Queens / Kings of the FREEks, and what  turns you on about social media?
I was always believed that people should turn their hobby into profession to make their life interesting. As long as you are doing what you are really like, it makes you happy. My social media path started as a hobby: Facebook posting, sharing pictures on Instagram, tweeting news, creating a network on LinkedIn. Some people find it annoying because I always check news updates, tweets and pictures. I couldn’t even imagine that all of it will bring me to AVAST. I am pretty sure that everything that happens to you in life somehow means something. For last two years I moved to Prague and met lots of people from all over the world. I decided to study computer science, but realized soon that (no offense programmers :) ) that asocial programming is not for me. Once I attended a Lean Startup Machine workshop where I joined a project as a social media consultant. That’s how I realized that I should start doing social media. If you a looking for something you will finally find it. In a month after the workshop my friend sent me a link to AVAST blog, where it was written that they are looking for new Queens of the FREEKs for local market. That’s how the story begins.

What is that “special thing“  that AVAST users can expect from you?
It is well known fact that people like hearing their name in the conversation. I can add that people also like to read and communicate in their own language. That’s why, I’m absolutely sure that communication with Russian speaking community in their own language will bring more appreciation and respect to the company from users side.

Why should AVAST users start following the AVAST Russian Twitter account?
Now  Russian speakers will get all the information, news and alerts in Russian which will show how AVAST loves their users and tries not only to bring the best free software to the market but will speak with the users in their local language. I think my “special thing” that AVAST users can expect from me is that I will be always there. I would love to hear their opinions, help them with support and maintenance of avast! Antivirus and give them an opportunity to participate in the company’s life. Please follow the AVAST Russian Twitter account.

How would you describe your experience with the AVAST brand, as a user and now as a community manager?
As an active gadget user I can strongly recommend AVAST products. Just think about it: Best user experience and interface, easy to use, strong protection of all your devices and it is for FREE. Moreover, friendly support on your local language. What else do you need? As a community manager I would like to add that I’m proud to be a part of AVAST team and be a Russian speaker of the company which gathered together smart, friendly people who knows what they are doing and does it in the best way.

What does #beFree mean to you?
I love the AVAST beFree slogan. Personally for me beFree means to do what you really like.

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