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North Korea makes a Facebook clone, site gets hacked hours later

When it comes to countries notorious for censoring online content and gleaning information from citizens, North Korea is one of the first names to come to mind. If a country like North Korea was to create its own social network, wouldn’t you think that securing the site would be one of its top priorities? Recent news begs to differ.

North Korea recently launched a social networking site that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Facebook we know and love. The site, which was hosted in North Korea itself, could originally be found at www.starcon.net.kp/.

Cjek0TNUUAAA6G3.jpgA screenshot of North Korea’s own social network. (Image via Dyn Research)

Avast security news wrap-up

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shutterstock_292970030-350725-edited.jpgCan your bad passwords cost you money and cause trouble?

That question was answered with a resounding YES by college football star Laremy Tunsil. A hacked Twitter and Instagram account cost that falling sports star an estimated $13 million. Don’t let your easy-to-crack passwords cost you. Use a password manager or follow our tips for strong passwords.

Avast Free Antivirus is top-rated free security software

Avast Free Antivirus has nearly 100% detection rate and no false positives.

Wondering if Avast Free Antivirus is worth the price? We understand that when it comes to “free” things, you mostly get what you pay for. But in the case of Avast Free Antivirus, our free security product is better than pricey premium antivirus products!


Your iPhone6s is not waiting for you – despite what the text message says

What’s the deal with these “you won something” texts?

I recently received a text message saying an iPhone 6s is waiting for me. I normally delete these messages, but this time I was curious… I have been considering upgrading from my iPhone 5 for a while now J. So, I decided to consult with my friend, Avast senior malware analyst Jan Sirmer and see what would happen if I believed the text.


How did they get my number?

The first question I had about this was: How did they get my number? “A computer probably sent it to you,” said Jan. How did a computer get my number? “There are programs that allow computers to send text messages to a bunch of numbers at once. They probably use the same area code and the rest of the digits in the number are generated by the program.”

Locky is far from dead

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A brief update on Locky, the latest ransomware targeting PCs.

Beware of emails from random email addresses with subject lines like “Upcoming Payment – 1 Month Notice”. These emails typically come with a zip attachment that attackers have created to run a script that downloads and runs the now well-known ransomware, Locky. These phishing emails prove that Locky is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Avast Software Updater can help protect you from security loopholes, like the recent 7 Zip vulnerabilities

Last week, Talos discovered multiple vulnerabilities in 7-Zip, a popular, open source file archiver. The vulnerabilities are particularly severe as many products, including antivirus software, implement 7-Zip in their software. When vulnerabilities are found, it is the responsibility of software owners to patch them. However, these patches are useless, unless users update their software.

Avast is not affected by these vulnerabilities, but if you are a non-Avast user we recommend you update your antivirus software, if you haven’t done so already.

Andromeda distributors craft new strategies for attacks

Most of popular botnet Andromeda’s (also known as Gamarue) distribution channels have been discovered and analyzed by antivirus vendors. This has forced Andromeda’s distributors to come up with a new attack strategy to continue to drop Andromeda binaries onto PCs.

Meanwhile at the Andromeda headquarters…

Operator: “Captain, all of our distribution channels have been discovered!”