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Collision 2017: Avast CEO addressing the dark side of the IoT

IoT just doesn’t stand for the Internet of Things. It also means the Insecurity of Things. As we race to create new technological innovations, the lack of security for all our “smart” devices isn’t getting as much attention as it should, at our peril. How can we ensure today’s and tomorrow’s connected things don’t make our lives easier by costing us our privacy, safety, and security?

Avast awarded for employee friendly working environment

When we moved the Prague headquarters of Avast to the beautiful new Enterprise Office Center in January 2016, we strived to create a Silicon Valley-style working environment. Popular design ideas, conceived to foster collaboration among individuals and teams, were built into the 15,000 square meter office space. At the opening of the new building, Avast CEO, Vince Steckler said, “Avast has chosen a building that reflects its open, innovative, and inspirational company culture.”

Avast CEO speaking on Internet of Things security at Mobile World Congress

Like most of us, you probably got the router you use in your home from your internet service provider. Like most of us, you probably have not changed the password. And like most of us, you probably didn’t even know there was a password to be changed, much less how to access it.