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2018 Resolution: Keep Your Tech, and Yourself, Up to Date

As we enter 2018, I encourage everyone to include a simple resolution on their list: make sure you are well-informed about the technology you use, and avoid getting swept up in false narratives and exaggerated claims about its dangers. Let me be clear: there are genuine threats, but they don’t come from the technology itself. As I always say, technology is agnostic. The dangers come from the bad actors that are willing to use any tool at their disposal, including those in cyberspace, to do harm. Our real target should be combating these forces, not demonizing this or that latest technological development. Education about the realities of our digital world is the best antidote against misplaced fears. And, conveniently, it is also the best way to inoculate ourselves against the security issues that technology does indeed pose.

Online privacy: this is a conversation we all need to have

Ten years ago, the first Data Privacy Day was held in the US and Canada on January 28. Since then, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has commemorated it every year with online privacy awareness efforts aimed at both consumers and businesses. With the recent loss of net neutrality in the United States, this year’s Data Privacy Day takes on greater significance.

Three easy steps to stay clear of ransomware in 2018

In 2017, Avast blocked more than 122 million WannaCry attacks, the infamous ransomware that caused tears to be shed around the globe. That attack, along with the Petna and Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks, cost consumers and businesses around the world more than 5 billion dollars. Without a doubt, ransomware was the year’s biggest threat. And this terrible trend will unfortunately continue rising in 2018.

The password is …. “2o18!_N3w_Y3ar’s_Re$olUt1on”

There’s no time like the present to gift yourself with a New Year’s resolution that will pay off in countless  ways. Over this last year, you’ve likely heard more than enough headline-breaking news about phishing, ransomware, and—to use some urban slang—getting “pwned”.

Consumers beware: New malware Catelites Bot could be targeting your banking apps

There is a terrible new malware invading Android devices and using dirty tricks to steal users’ online banking info. Avast Threat Labs worked with SfyLabs to uncover and expose this malware, dubbed Catelites Bot. The malware is similar to a Russian outbreak earlier this year, where cybercriminals successfully stole over $900,000. (That malware was called “CronBot”—which shares similarities with the original Catelites Bot.)

Give the gift of privacy: Avast SecureLine VPN

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At a time when almost every holiday present is an IoT device—connected gadgets that can put your privacy and safety at risk—why not think one better, and gift your loved ones with online privacy instead? VPNs (virtual private networks) are secure lines to the internet. They protect users by masking their real IP address and encrypting their data.

What Santa might not tell you about connected toys

Oh, the simple days of aisle wars over Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Teddy Ruxpin …  In 2017, the hottest, must-have holiday toys have taken on a whole new twist. Two cases in point: LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox – the customizable robot that lets you code its behavior via an app and complete activities; and FurReal Friends – a collection of robotic pets that attempt to emulate domestic animals, right down to their personalities.