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DDoS attack on Dyn took down the bulk of the Internet on Friday


Many of us noticed that some of our favorite websites were acting a little strangely on Friday. Perhaps your tweets were failing to load or your connection to Spotify was wonky. Instead of brushing this off as the result of any regular online bug or unreliable Wi-Fi, take a moment to realize that these sites’ behavior was caused by a massive online attack that wiped out a significant portion of the Internet for hours on end.

Hacker behind DNC email leaks, U.S. election database hacks arrested in Prague


A Russian hacker has been arrested in Prague by Czech police in cooperation with the FBI. The alleged hacker was supposedly involved in several cyberattacks on the U.S. and is specifically suspected of conducting the email leaks that took place at this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Could an Internet of Things botnet army threaten the internet?


Last week, security blogger Brian Krebs’ blog, KrebsOnSecurity.com, was taken offline with a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The sustained attack threw upwards of 620 gigabits per second of junk data at his site – more than enough to take down a site of that size. 

Ransomware doesn’t sell itself: Marketing malware on the darknet

My colleagues from the Avast Threat Labs published an interesting (and detailed) blog post about Petya ransomware and its little brother, Mischa. This duo works together to encrypt disks and files, pushing innocent victims to pay thousands of dollars t…