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Stay free of online threats this Independence Day weekend


Happy (early) Independence Day! To most Americans, the 4th of July means fireworks, great food and celebrating the country’s birthday alongside family and friends.

To make the most out of this year’s holiday, it’s important to take the necessary measures to stay safe online and free of digital threats.

Updated Home Network Security feature provides users with 360 degrees of protection

Protect your home network with Avast Home Network Security

Avast Home Network Security scans a user’s home network and routers for potential security issues.

Avast is always looking to the future to both predict and solve tomorrow’s biggest cyberthreats. As the world is growing more interconnected than ever before, with phones, TVs, home security and even thermostats being connected to the Internet, we acknowledge the importance of entire networks being properly secured.

Windows 10 users need more protection than basic Defender

Windows 10 users should install Avast antivirus protection for the highest level of security.

wrong tool for the jobThe wrong tool for the job just causes frustration.

Everyone knows that you need the right tool to do a job. When you cut down a tree, you don’t use a butter knife, you use a chainsaw. It you want to win a Formula 1 race, you don’t drive a riding lawnmower.

The same rule applies to your PC’s security.

You can’t go up against today’s online threats with inadequate protection. That’s why Windows 10 users need to install strong antivirus software to run in parallel with Microsoft’s pre-installed antivirus, Defender.

Zuckerberg Twitter hack could have been avoided with better passwords

Avoid having your online accounts hacked like Mark Zuckerberg’s by managing your passwords correctly.

The recent news of celebrity social media accounts, including Mark Zuckerberg’s, being hacked should be seen as an important reminder to how valuable passwords are. Who knows if the cybercriminals that hacked the accounts just tweeted strange things or if they went a step further and read the celebrities’ direct messages or more. 


Most people create easy passwords like these and never change them

Avast Cleanup is ready for beta testing

Become one of our Avast Cleanup beta testers!

Calling all beta testers!

We’ve got great news for you: Avast Cleanup, our PC-cleaning software, has undergone some big, exciting changes. The latest Avast Cleanup sports a brand-new design, includes exciting new features, and best of all, is now standalone – this means you can use it even without downloading Avast Antivirus products first.

We’ve now released the public beta version of Avast Cleanup and would love to receive your thoughts, opinions and insights on the program to help make it the very best it can be.

Avoiding UEFA Euro 2016 and Copa America Centenario scams

Two of the biggest soccer, or as the rest of the world calls the sport, football, events –Copa America Centenario and the UEFA Euro Cup have fans across the Americas and Europe hyped. Fans are trying to get as close to the games as possible, either by getting tickets to attend a match or by playing soccer/football themed games. Cybercrooks are also big fans of major events like these andthey, unfortunately, like to take advantage of fans’ enthusiasm.

Beware of online scams

It’s only natural for die-hard fans to get excited when they see tickets on sale for either sold out games or for a cheaper price than the tickets sold on the official Copa America and UEFA sites. Cybercriminals are fully aware of how desired tickets to Copa America and the Euro Cup are and have set up phishing sites and phishing social media and email campaigns to trick people into buying phony tickets.

Numbers from the British Local Government Association published in May show bogus tickets from sold out matches and other summer events have been appearing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

UEFA, in March, already warned fans of counterfeit tickets and travel packages being sold online and warned fans to refrain from buying tickets from unauthorized sellers.

On Children’s Day, teach your kids how to stay safe online

Happy International Children's Day from Avast!

Happy International Children’s Day! Celebrate this year’s holiday by keeping your kids safe in the digital world. As the trusted authority in your home, you are the go-to resource to help keep the Internet a safe place for your family.

To protect your children from inappropriate online behavior, people with bad intentions and unsuitable content, you need to stay informed about current issues and understand the social networks and devices that your children use. Avast Free Antivirus and Avast Mobile Security can help you stay safe while using each of your devices.

Children whose parents talk to them regularly about what they do online will likely use responsible behavior when on their own.

North Korea makes a Facebook clone, site gets hacked hours later

When it comes to countries notorious for censoring online content and gleaning information from citizens, North Korea is one of the first names to come to mind. If a country like North Korea was to create its own social network, wouldn’t you think that securing the site would be one of its top priorities? Recent news begs to differ.

North Korea recently launched a social networking site that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Facebook we know and love. The site, which was hosted in North Korea itself, could originally be found at www.starcon.net.kp/.

Cjek0TNUUAAA6G3.jpgA screenshot of North Korea’s own social network. (Image via Dyn Research)

Avast security news wrap-up

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shutterstock_292970030-350725-edited.jpgCan your bad passwords cost you money and cause trouble?

That question was answered with a resounding YES by college football star Laremy Tunsil. A hacked Twitter and Instagram account cost that falling sports star an estimated $13 million. Don’t let your easy-to-crack passwords cost you. Use a password manager or follow our tips for strong passwords.