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New Avast Cleanup Pro: Give your Mac the ultimate “cleanover”

It’s a common misconception that Macs run perfectly from day one until the day you give it away. We wish that were true. Macs may be the sportscars of the IT world, but just like all cars, they need proper maintenance to continue to run. There are two primary reasons for Mac slowdowns and related issues—the hard disk filling up and errors with so-called caches. (We’ll dive into this below.)

Fortify your Mac against adware and more

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Yes, it can be a hard thing to admit. Nobody wants to speak up about it. For everyone’s sake, though, someone has to break the social taboo and just come out and say it—Macs are not impervious to malware. As secure as Macs generally are, the fact is that hackers are targeting them more than ever.

WPA2 risks—your top 5 questions answered

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It’s been a big news week in the world of Wi-Fi. The WPA2 security protocol, which for over ten years has been widely regarded as the safest way to use Wi-Fi, was discovered to have a serious security vulnerability. What does this mean for you, for us, and for all those people down at your local coffee shop using an unprotected Wi-Fi network as you read this? The following questions are designed to help us get some definitive answers: