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Avast earns “Top Rated Product for 2017” award from AV-Comparatives

It’s the review we always welcome: AV-Comparatives conducts independent tests throughout the year to take a hard look at 21 security products for Windows, putting them through rigorous testing that examines their ability to 1) protect against real-world internet threat, 2) identify thousands of recent malicious programs, 3) provide protection without slowing down the PC, and finally, 4) remove malware that has already infected a PC.

Protect yourself from cryptojacking

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It’s staggering to realize that Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, splashed onto the scene almost a decade ago. It’s only been over this past year that digital coinage has really gained its tremendous popularity. As of January 2018, there are well over one thousand varieties of cryptocurrency in circulation — Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA and many more.

Botnet at large: Avast blocks Smominru miner

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The good news is that Avast users are protected against cryptomining, which includes the current threat terrorizing the world’s Windows servers and computers. The Smominru botnet has torn through hundreds of thousands of servers and computers alike, hijacking their CPU power to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. ZDNet reports that the Smominru botnet mines 24 Monero ($8,500) a day, with a net total to date of 8,900 Monero ($2.8M – $3.6M).

Looking ahead: 9 threat trends in 2018

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Cyberattacks are continuing to increase in number and severity every year, and 2018 will be no exception. We believe that many of the threats we observed in 2017 will, unfortunately, appear in evolved forms this year to continue threatening our busines…

Arenavision mines cryptocurrency Monero using visitors’ browsers without their knowledge

A popular site used to stream sporting events such as soccer, basketball, and tennis is mining the Monero cryptocurrency using CoinHive, without site visitors’ permission. The site, arenavision[dot]in, is mostly visited by Spanish users, followed by Portuguese, and Mexican users, according to Alexa.

Why security is a unique challenge for AI

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When I think of the unique challenges faced by AI researchers in security, it reminds me of an excerpt from the Harry Potter series. At the beginning of Book 6, the Minister of Magic pays a visit to the  (muggle) Prime Minister to warn him about evil deeds being carried out by dark wizards. The Prime Minister is understandably scared and confused. In frustration, he implores, “But for heaven’s sake—you’re wizards! You can do magic! Surely you can sort out—well—anything!” The Minister of Magic replies pragmatically, “The trouble is, the other side can do magic too.”

Meltdown and Spectre: Yes, your device is likely vulnerable

Details have emerged this week regarding two different—and both substantial—security flaws in almost every computer processor in use today. This affects Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s important to note that as of yet, no malware or cyberattack has been associated with these flaws, but now that the information is in the public domain, that could change. Either of the flaws could lead to your computer’s memory being compromised, which means sensitive data—passwords, photos, credit card details—can be accessed and stolen. Here’s a breakdown of the two vulnerabilities:

Are you among the 1.4 billion usernames and passwords leaked on the darknet?

As you have probably heard, 1.4 billion usernames, passwords, and emails were leaked on the darknet. This wasn’t a new breach, but rather a collection of previous leaks all put together in one place, forming one of the largest consolidated databases ever discovered.