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Avast is proven to keep phishing scams at bay

Here’s the crazy truth about phishing scams: if you have an email address, you’ve already been targeted. Phishing scams are so prevalent these days that Avast has been focusing on educating users how to identify and avoid them. But what if you accidentally click on the phishing link sent to you? There’s still a way to protect yourself.

Is your VPN spying on you?

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Virtual private networks (VPNs) exist to protect the user’s privacy online. They are supposed to provide a private, encrypted browsing experience, making you essentially invisible to any online trackers. VPNs do this by allowing the user to send their data to the internet via an encrypted tunnel to the VPN server where the data is then sent on behalf of the server’s IP address—hiding the user’s IP address, so nobody knows where they really are.

Avast sponsors Enigma Interviews

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At this point it’s clear that our lives are becoming increasingly digital. We use the internet and apps for everything from books to banking, entertainment to education, healthcare to hailing a cab, and shopping to socializing. Along with the rise of voice-assisted technologies and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), this trend continues to accelerate at breakneck speed right before our very eyes. And that’s why Avast is proud to sponsor the Enigma Interviews, an event organized by The Parallax, happening this week in San Francisco.

Protecting your online information isn’t impossible, though more than half of Americans seem to think it is

Last year, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey of 1,040 American adults about their cybersecurity beliefs, attitudes, and practices. What emerged is a collective persona both fascinating and troubling. While 64% of those surveyed have online accounts with sensitive health, banking, or financial information and 64% have also experienced a major data breach, an even greater percentage of these same adults practice lax if any cybersecurity.

Ransomware Shield’s solid protection now part of Avast Internet Security

No, it’s not a new season of Mr. Robot: this is real life. Unidentified cybercriminals recently launched a malware attack that made global news. The so-called “Petna” ransomware started in the Ukraine and spread rapidly, peaking around June 27, after which online security experts were able to neutralize and contain the threat.