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Ransomware strain evolves, RATs cause mischief, and yet another data breach strikes | Avast

Magniber ransomware grows stronger and scarier
The Magniber strain of ransomware is back, stronger than before, and starting to spread through much of Asia. Cybersecurity experts are taking note of the substantial changes the malware has undergone ov…

Fake apps on Google, data breaches around the globe | Avast

Fake apps on Google Play open the door for BankBot Anubis

Mobile users in Turkey, beware. IBM cybersecurity researchers announced this week that they’ve discovered at least ten fake apps on the Google Play Store that seem to be a unified campaign to spread the banking Trojan BankBot Anubis, which is designed to steal bank login credentials, payment card numbers, and e-wallet info.   

Do you expect more from your browser? | Avast

What do you want from your browser? These days, we all spend more time online than ever before, so it’s not a bad idea to take a closer look at the tools we use to surf the web. In today’s digital world of large-scale cybercrime, weekly ransomware attacks, and nonstop phishing, it’s time to upgrade these magic windows to the web with some more relevant and timely features. That’s why we created Avast Secure Browser — everything you need to surf online safely in this new and sophisticated technological age.

Data breaches, Fortnite flim-flam, and a whammy of a cyberattack | Avast

Data breach #1: Ticketmaster UK
On Wednesday, Ticketmaster UK alerted customers their data may have been stolen due to malware found in one of its customer support products. The infected product, hosted by third-party supplier Inbenta Technologies, wa…

Stay a Step Ahead of Today’s Bigger, Badder Cyberthreats | Avast

Cyberthreats and attacks have been a negative side effect of our computer age for more than three decades. The first viruses or worms were less harmful, designed to slow a system down or annoy other users. Some even say the first viruses were designed …

Three new threats at large and one thrown behind bars | Avast

SamSam ransomware is back with a surprising addition
The ransomware strain that locked up the city of Atlanta in March of this year has returned, cybersecurity experts report, but with one mysterious addition. This new variant of the most infamous ran…

How to fight sophisticated cybercrime | Avast

As all the pieces of our cyberworld — personal laptops, business desktops, smartphones, digital assistants, TVs, appliances — grow more connected, they also make us more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Both on the individual and corporate levels, cyberattacks have become big business, which in turn has made cybersecurity big business as well. The research firm Gartner  estimates that $96 billion will be spent on global information security in 2018, an 8% increase from 2017.