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Are you among the 1.4 billion usernames and passwords leaked on the darknet?

As you have probably heard, 1.4 billion usernames, passwords, and emails were leaked on the darknet. This wasn’t a new breach, but rather a collection of previous leaks all put together in one place, forming one of the largest consolidated databases ever discovered.

Avast blocked more than 34 million Monero cryptomining attacks

On Sunday, December 3rd, we saw a peak in one of our detections, JS:Miner-I, which blocks a cryptocurrency miner that uses the cryptonight algorithm to mine Monero, a popular cryptocurrency. The algorithm is suitable for using PC CPU for mining, and the miner is run using JavaScript. We blocked JS:Miner-I from launching on our users’ PCs, preventing 34.7 million attacks in just one day. The extreme peak wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention; all the detections were launched within Google’s Chrome browser.

Yes, Macs are susceptible to ransomware, too

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By now we’ve demystified the myth that Macs are impervious to harm. The cybercrime world has caught up to the technology, and no computer — PC nor Mac — is safe. We have recently discussed some growing Mac concerns, like the rise in adware attacks and a full system slowdown caused by too much clutter, but now we need to talk about something even more malicious: Ransomware.