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Exposed Facebook Server Leaks 419M Records | Avast

A security researcher discovered an exposed server that contained several databases of information on over 419 million Facebook accounts, Tech Crunch reported. Predominantly listing users’ phone numbers and Facebook IDs, the server also exposed other b…

How to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

With winter almost gone, now is the perfect time to start planning your annual spring clean. When we think about our yearly sort out, most of us think about decluttering our chaotic linen cupboards or the wardrobes that we can’t close. But if you want to minimise the opportunities for a hacker to get their […]

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Are You Part of a Supply Chain Attack? | Avast

In December 2018, Chinese nationals Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong were indicted by the US Department of Justice for involvement with the APT10 hacking group. The APT epithet stands for Advanced Persistent Threat. It is used to specify an elite hacking grou…