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Avast Business introduces Managed Workplace 11 at IP EXPO 2017

October is cybersecurity month, which made last week’s IP Expo in Europe perfectly timed!! Avast was there to introduce its latest remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, Managed Workplace 11. With a native Avast Business endpoint protection engine integrated into the platform, as well as an all-new security assessment component, this next-gen, cybersecurity RMM platform is primed to be the solution of choice for managed services providers (MSPs). We’re proud to share it with the business world and launch it at one of the most important IT events of the year. Avast’s security ambassador and world-class chess champion, Garry Kasparov, presented a keynote speech on AI. Legendary for his chess games against supercomputer Deep Blue in the mid-90’s, Garry impressed upon the gathered IT experts that AI is nothing to be feared. In fact, Garry insisted that for the most effective cybersecurity, man and machine need to work together.

Securing the Total Network: Data, Devices, and People

If you’re in the business of securing networks for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), there is a volume of new challenges you’re most likely tackling. Cybercrime such as ransomware is more pervasive than ever before, with employee error contributing to the risks. The growing amount of connected devices in the workplace has only added to the number of endpoints that need to be managed, and this is made all the more challenging by an industry shortage of cyberskills.

Security for an underserved market: SMBs

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As the company that pioneered easy, affordable, and strong security protection for consumers, we know a few things about security. This month, we had the chance to show how we are bringing this expertise to a market we believe is underserved when it comes to security—small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

One new logo. Infinite possibilities.

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For decades, Avast has been successful in providing top-rated, endpoint security for small and medium-sized businesses, including institutions of healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing and real estate, keeping their data and employees safe. Avast has enjoyed an exciting ride, including incredible growth organically and through acquisition. We’ve had a lot going on to keep us strong, but unfortunately, a lot of that growth has complicated the portfolio of brands we offered our business customers.

The catalyst for change
The acquisition of AVG Technologies last October gave Avast an SMB Security Business that was suddenly bigger than ever. Along with that came multiple brand names serving the same business market which—while creating an amazing opportunity for us—also created complexity for our customers. It became clear that it was the right time to put together a plan to unify our brands into one Avast business brand, which we unveiled this month.

1 + 1 = 5
Like all good brand strategies, ours follows business and product strategy. Our goal for the SMB business unit was to take the best technology from both AVG and Avast and create one unified line of products that best serves our customers. By focusing our attention on the Avast master brand, we leveraged its global recognition and strength, and also highlighted “business” in the logo to reinforce our commitment to our business customers.  

Introducing Avast Business: Optimized Security for SMBs and Service Providers

Today, I have the great honor to introduce Avast Business, the combination of the best of AVG and Avast. Since last year, our focus has been on combining the best of both business product portfolios, partner programs, tools, and systems to eliminate th…

Avast helps small business recover from ransomware attack

It’s a Saturday morning in April. Customers are beginning to trickle into a small, popular plumbing wholesaler in Northern Bohemia. But in the back, four employees stare at their computer screens, bewildered. Their accounting system has been blocked, they cannot issue invoices, and all files are suddenly inaccessible.

Avast RMM Platform for MSPs now includes security assessment

Small and medium-sized businesses have just as great a need as large enterprise to keep their data safe and secure. But costly, complex assessment and monitoring solutions are often all that’s available. Starting today, Avast is offering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) a simplified way to perform real-time security assessments and consolidate the data into easy-to-read reports that prescribe solutions for issues. From these reports, MSPs can quickly recommend solutions, take actionable steps to remediate issues, and demonstrate how they are keeping businesses safe and secure – all from the Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management platform (RMM).