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Avast pumps protection, performance, and privacy in 2019 | Avast

The tech world evolves. The ones who wear black hats get smarter, and the ones who wear white hats get even smarter. Using AI, machine learning, and the big data of our vast network, we’re proud to be forerunners in the latter category, staying a step …

Avast SecureLine boosts speed and performance | Avast

In order to provide the best VPN experience we can, we keep a close eye on our network, scaling capacities as needed. We deploy new servers on a weekly basis, which increases bandwidth and shortens the distance data has to travel to enter our network. This shorter travel time speeds up your connection. Yes, it’s now acceptable to use the words VPN and fast in the same sentence. VPNs get a bad rap for slowing down the browser experience, and we’re here to dispel that myth. In fact, we just upgraded our busiest servers in Europe to 10 Gbps connectivity for each individual server adding a total of 250 Gbps of network capacity.