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McAfee Mobile Security: Protect Your Smartphone from Prying Eyes

Mobile devices nowadays are larger than life: We take them to work, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and pretty much anywhere else we want to stay connected. We use them from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. We browse the web, snap photos, check our email, even deposit Read more…

Introducing App Reputation For Android Apps

McAfee has always been in forefront of finding new ways for securing our customers against threats and risks posed with mobile device. As part of this quest, we have introduced the concept of app reputation as part of our latest release of McAfee Mobile Security (MMS)(Ver 3.1) released on 18th July 2013. From a consumer perspective, Read more…

How do I wipe my old hard drive clean?

Question of the week: I am going to buy a new laptop before school starts again. How do I ensure that my old laptop is completely clean of old credit card numbers, passwords, and personal files before I sell it? It’s good that you thought of this important task before selling your old hardware to […]

Hit the brakes! Did Your Car Just Get Hacked?

Could your car be the next target of a cyber attack? You might not think so, but new research has shown otherwise. The overall safety of your vehicle used to be rather straightforward to maintain with tune-ups, replaced brake pads, flushes and other scheduled upkeep. Unfortunately, with the incorporation of computer systems into newer car Read more…

Android Master-Key Malware Already Blocked by McAfee Mobile Security

The Android Master Key vulnerability, which was first reported by BlueBox Security, has been big news this month. McAfee explained the vulnerability and defense against future malware exploiting it in a previous blog. Last week the first malware that exploit the Master Key vulnerability were found in an Android application market in China. The app Read more…

Watching Your Every Move: Your Phone Could be Snooping on You Right Now

Let’s just say it. The world is going mobile. Practically any task you can perform on your computer, you can also do with a mobile phone, and there are even a few that your computer can’t do. In just moments, you can simultaneously shop for shoes, deposit a check and then quickly buy a plan Read more…

AVAST is most downloaded Software in Europe

Softonic, one of the world’s largest download site for Windows, Mac and mobile, has just announced that avast! Free Antivirus is the most popular download in Europe.  Thank you to our users who have downloaded AVAST from Softonic! Here’s what some reviews said about AVAST: Good protection at no cost Very good protection for a […]

AVAST File Server Security gets VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin

AVAST’s high-performance server-security product, avast! File Server Security, has received the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin. The independent testing lab’s latest AV comparative test focused on performance in Windows Server 2012. AVAST performed solidly with 100% detection rates and zero false alarms on both WildList and clean test sets consisting mainly of business tools to […]

Stop Malvertisements from Causing a Click-tastrophe on Your Computer

Web ads: sometimes annoying, other times entertaining and useful, but for the most part, harmless. Or so you thought. It seems that cybercriminals are now turning their attention toward pulling you in with a strong sales message, and you may be none the wiser until it’s too late. Your neighborhood hacker has decided to start Read more…

Urausy Lockscreen: Your computer will remain locked for 3 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes!

Yes, if your computer gets infected by Urausy Lockscreen, it will get locked. Luckily, not forever! Avast protects you against it. In this blogpost we will introduce an infamous lockscreen called Urausy. We will look at its special anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering tricks, at its communication protocol, and determine what the conditions (if any) are […]