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Five wonderful things the Czech Republic has given the world

Where beer flows like water The Czechs love their beer. Monks living in the region started brewing in monasteries just a few centuries AD. The Czechs gave the gift of Pilsner to the world back in the mid-1800s, and ever since then citizens have supported their own industry by consuming more beer per capita than […]

We are looking for a French Social Media agent

Part time job available for a Social Media Community Manager In March 2013, we started “hunting” for social media agents.  A few months later we have our A-social media team of six specialists, covering the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, German, and Czech. We are however still missing the “Inspector Clouseau” who could […]

Cyber awareness tips for people on-the-go

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Most AVAST users take their devices with them to school and work, so we asked for security tips for people on-the-go. Congratulations to Bruno V. from Brazil who wrote the winning tip: #SecurityTip: To spend the day with no worries in the rush of daily tasks you need to have the following: By accessing sites […]

How to use new graph search on Facebook?

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On September 30th, Facebook introduced changes on the New Graph Search. Currently available only on desktops, it will be rolled out in phases. Since its release in January 2013, Graph Search has gone through a great transformation. Users are now allowed to search for status history, images, check-ins, comments –  basically anything. The goal is […]


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AVAST Free for Education is proud to sponsor some of the featured sessions at this years EDUCAUSE, which will be taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim California from Tuesday, October 15th until Friday, October 18th. EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information […]

Attempted hack against AVAST

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Yesterday, several companies had their websites hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers. We can confirm that there was also a hacker attempt against the AVAST site – we assume from the same group – but we took immediate steps and therefore were able to contain it. According to published reports, the hacked companies’ accounts, used to manage […]

avast! Free Antivirus for Mac gets first place for malware detection

avast! Free Antivirus for Mac was pitted against 35 other antivirus products designed for Mac OS, including plenty of pricey solutions,  and came out in first place for detection of malware. Compared to Windows, Mac users have been relatively free from malware attacks. But cybercrooks are just as aware as antivirus vendors of the behavior […]

AVAST users share social media safety tips to build Cyber Awareness

Don’t talk to strangers. Look both ways before crossing the road. These little warnings given to children by moms everywhere are meant to make them aware of their surroundings.  Even when we’re grown, we still follow these suggestions. In anticipation of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the European Cyber Security Month, we asked AVAST […]

Beware of poisoned apples

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Everybody knows the story of the beautiful Snow White. An evil queen with a bad temper gives a young girl a poisoned apple, because she apparently thinks that it would just make her day. Poor Snow White. All she wanted was a bite of this juicy apple. I guess this one particular bite didn’t make […]

5 questions with: Carlos Dreyfus

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 „Carlos Dreyfus joined AVAST Software in January 2013, to support our multicultural marketing team. Carlos is American with a Colombian background. He moved to Prague from Berlin and before lived in a Sunny Florida, where he graduated from the University of North Florida. Carlos is a passionate football player, beer fan (Germany and Czech Republic are not coincident […]