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Obad.a – What You Need to Know About the Latest Android Threat

With the convenience of our mobile apps, we increasingly rely on our phones for work and play.  But did you know that those same apps might be leaving you vulnerable to some nasty mobile viruses? The worst type of malware, software that damages your computer or mobile, is a Trojan.  Trojans are a particularly insidious Read more…

avast! SecureLine makes free WiFi safer

This summer, lots of us will be chilling out by the pool at hotels around the world,  surfing the Internet and checking email. Along with a burger and fries, 11,500 McDonalds are now serving up free WiFi so customers can access the Internet using their laptops, smartphones, or tablets at no charge. You can sip […]

Facebook virus empties bank accounts

A dangerous Trojan named ZeuS is making its way among Facebook users. This old Trojan horse has infected millions of computers over the years, stealing banking credentials and other personally identifiable information. Zeus can lie dormant on infected computers until the unsuspecting victim logs into their bank’s website. Once you’re logged in, cybercrooks can steal […]

Summer Web Safety: A Cautionary Tale About The Internet

Don’t get between your kids and the Internet! Plugged in through all manner of devices, your child is constantly active online, divulging every detail of his or her life. To a generation raised on reality TV, it comes as second nature to share location-based status updates, post photos and videos to public networks, play interactive Read more…

avast! BeFree photo contest winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the avast! Be Free photo contest. Entrants were asked to submit an original photo interpreting what the Avast slogan “Be Free” means to them. We received everything from brave adventurers jumping out of planes to friends enjoying a day at the carnival to smiling dogs. The winners […]

For Your Satisfaction – Android:Satfi-A [Trj]

We all have our favorite apps for all the things we do. I use Shazam when I don’t know what song is playing, Maps when I’m lost, FlightRadar24 when I’m curious about the plane flying over my head. These apps are there for my satisfaction; they meet some need. Each of us have different needs […]

Six Easy Steps to Help Keep Hackers at Bay

Cybercriminals are adopting complex and powerful techniques to “hack,” or take control of online accounts belonging to other people or organizations. Often, they do this by identifying the passwords belonging to an account user. This used to be a complicated task, but, as The Atlantic notes, discovering passwords today can be as simple as running Read more…

What is Your Teen Doing Online? New McAfee Study Reveals All

As a parent, one of your top priorities is to ensure the safety and well-being of your children. This includes teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street, eating plenty of vegetables and having a healthy dose of skepticism when approached by strangers on the street – but how well are you doing Read more…

New High School and College Grads – Read This!

Social media profiles affects college admission, job searches, and careers A 24-year-old high school teacher in Georgia, USA, lost her job after an anonymous e-mailer complained about a Facebook picture of her sipping wine and drinking beer while on vacation in Europe. An Arizona woman was fired after ranting on Facebook when she was passed […]

Mobile innovation drives wearable technology trends

Being headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have the benefit of being embedded in an environment that is home to many burgeoning trends. Over the decades, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive technology emerge and keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Recently, many of these developments have been Read more…