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#useAVAST winners share recommendations with friends

Our first “#useAVAST” Hashtag challenge is over and it’s time to announce the results. As always, YOU have proven what an engaged and creative community AVAST has. We’ve seen plenty of Facebook and Google+ posts and Tweets with your personal recommendations. It has convinced us that we should be giving you this opportunity more often, […]

avast! Mobile Security aces test

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avast! Mobile Security came out on top from a pool of thirty mobile security products for Android in AV-TEST’s product reviews and certifications. Protection The testers threw over 2,500 malicious apps, including viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, at each product. avast! Mobile Security earned a score of 100 percent in detection, above the industry standard […]

OWASP: The Best Web App Security Resource On The Internet

James Bond is known for having it all: fast cars, the latest spy gizmo, and the smug smirk which lets the audience know that he’ll always come out on top in the end. Web developers can, at times, be a lot like Bond: they can buy fast cars and, thanks to their respective industries, take Read more…

Why it’s Critical to Protect Data on Digital Devices

When devices are lost or hacked and your data is exposed, not only is this a pain to deal with, but you could become a victim of identity theft. Not only do victims of identity theft suffer loss of time  but they also lose money that may not be able to be recovered . In Read more…

AVAST introduces a new #hashtag weekend challenge

The Hashtag system, created by Chris Messina in 2007, became Twitter’s trademark. The other social networks, notably Instagram, Google+, and Tumbr followed Twitter’s “Hashtag policy”; however it was still not available on Facebook, until now! Finally, users of the biggest social platform can follow and create conversations across the world, by adding a simple Hashtag […]

Your Facebook connection is now secured! Thank you for your support!

The title of this blog post may make you think that we will discuss the security of your Facebook account. Not this time. However, I will analyze an attack which starts with a suspicious email sent to the victim’s email account. The incoming email has the following subject, ‘Hey <name> your Facebook account has been […]

Android:Obad – malware gets smarter – so does AVAST

If you had the privilege to meet Android:Obad, which Kaspersky earlier reported to be the “most sophisticated android malware,” you are in a real bad situation and this will probably be the moment to which you’ll be referring to in the future as “The time I learned the hard way what better-safe-than-sorry means.” A few […]

AVAST welcomes users to blog, Facebook, and Twitter

AVAST welcomes all users to our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, where you can learn the latest about social media privacy from your favorite team members. In the coming weeks, will be fully integrated into AVAST and even get a new name, but you will still enjoy the safe and carefree […]

The Defense Department Lists Mobile Security as a Top Priority

Does your organization prioritize mobile security? According to recent news, even the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is concerned about mobile security and the ability to securely transfer information between mobile devices. This is no small task for the DOD: according to the American Forces Press Service, the DOD has over 600,000 commercial mobile devices Read more…

How to change the voices in avast! Antivirus

Question of the week: Is it possible to change the woman’s voice to a man’s in AVAST? One of the most commented upon features of avast! Antivirus is the female voice of our notifications. The familiar message AVAST virus database has been updated is heard by nearly 200 million AVAST users around the world every […]