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How to shop safely online with the new avast! Free and Premium versions

Seasonal shopping fever starts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a few weeks, but we’ve already seen terrific sales offered online by retailers getting an early start. Every year more people make their purchases online, with the intention of saving time and money and avoiding the crowds. There are, however, some people who love […]

First upgrade to avast! 2014, then to Windows 8.1

Are you ready to make the move to Windows 8.1? Reviews says that with Windows 8.1, Microsoft made some significant improvements, including restoring the much-missed start button. Make sure that your upgrade experience goes smoothly by installing avast! 2014 first. Avast! 2014 has Windows 8.1 certification which ensures that it meets compatibility standards and performs […]

A report from RSA Conference Europe 2013

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In today’s world where malware evolves and develops rapidly, sharing security information is the key element for success. Companies which ignore this fact  sooner of later suffer from the consequences of their bad decision. Malware researchers from all over the world regularly meet at various IT security conferences, where they learn from each other how […]

How do I access the avast! Virus Chest?

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Question of the week: What goes into the Virus Chest, and how do I remove what’s inside? Potentially harmful files are stored in a safe and completely isolated place called the avast! Virus Chest. This area keeps infected or otherwise suspicious files away from the rest of the operating system so they cannot cause damage […]

Halloween tricks move online

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Back in the good ol’ days of Halloween, you only had to worry about your house getting egged or your big brother stealing the good candy. Halloween tricks have moved online, and along with any significant event or holiday, this spooky celebration marks an increase in malware. Cyber ghouls pull out their bag of tricks […]

How many variations of “qwerty” and “1234? can you think of?

I am quite surprised at how inventive people can be when it comes to the thinking up weak passwords. The obviously weak combinations like ’1234′ or ‘qwerty’ along with names and phone numbers are quite common parts of passwords. Some background The story begins with me fighting a familiar piece of malware, Bicololo, which is […]

Loyal fans make AVAST the most popular antivirus

Avast! Antivirus is the most trusted and popular antivirus in the world and a leader among worldwide antivirus vendors.  “With nearly 200 million customers in 43 languages — a staggering 1 million users in 38 different countries — it is used by more people than rivals AVG Technologies, Symantec and McAfee combined,” wrote Jon Swartz […]

Facebook Clickjacking: Will You Like Me?

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“Who wouldn’t want to have more likes on their Facebook page?” This is the motivation of a very trivial code to get more likes, but while other methods usually comprise of adding better content or advertising, this one is a bit easier, and much dirtier. Why not show the like button directly beneath your mouse […]

Google flagged as suspicious website

      No Comments on Google flagged as suspicious website users that would like to access were unpleasantly surprised today. Google flagged the website as suspicious and users of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers saw a security warning when they tried to visit the website. According to the Google diagnostic page, suspicious content was found on on October 23rd, 2013. […]