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Halloween tricks move online

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Back in the good ol’ days of Halloween, you only had to worry about your house getting egged or your big brother stealing the good candy. Halloween tricks have moved online, and along with any significant event or holiday, this spooky celebration marks an increase in malware. Cyber ghouls pull out their bag of tricks […]

How many variations of “qwerty” and “1234? can you think of?

I am quite surprised at how inventive people can be when it comes to the thinking up weak passwords. The obviously weak combinations like ’1234′ or ‘qwerty’ along with names and phone numbers are quite common parts of passwords. Some background The story begins with me fighting a familiar piece of malware, Bicololo, which is […]

Loyal fans make AVAST the most popular antivirus

Avast! Antivirus is the most trusted and popular antivirus in the world and a leader among worldwide antivirus vendors.  “With nearly 200 million customers in 43 languages — a staggering 1 million users in 38 different countries — it is used by more people than rivals AVG Technologies, Symantec and McAfee combined,” wrote Jon Swartz […]

Facebook Clickjacking: Will You Like Me?

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“Who wouldn’t want to have more likes on their Facebook page?” This is the motivation of a very trivial code to get more likes, but while other methods usually comprise of adding better content or advertising, this one is a bit easier, and much dirtier. Why not show the like button directly beneath your mouse […]

Google flagged as suspicious website

      No Comments on Google flagged as suspicious website users that would like to access were unpleasantly surprised today. Google flagged the website as suspicious and users of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers saw a security warning when they tried to visit the website. According to the Google diagnostic page, suspicious content was found on on October 23rd, 2013. […]

What to do if your computer is attacked by ransomware

Question of the week:  I just read your blog post about the Reveton virus. My computer was locked and held for ransom by something similar. I finally got it fixed and downloaded avast! 2014. How can I prevent that from happening again? We’re sorry to read that you experienced “ransomware” firsthand.  While this type of […]

No pleasure from this adult app – only pain

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A few weeks ago, I discovered and Julia warned you about a fake AVAST application which was infecting smartphones. It was hidden behind adult apps and was pretty nasty. Here is some detailed information about it. First of all, if you look for adult applications (also known as pleasure applications J ), you can find […]

AVAST team gets together to work and to celebrate!

The release last week of the new #avast2014 became a great opportunity to get our global team together.  Members of the Social Media and Communication team met in the HQ of AVAST Software in beautiful Prague. Our team normally works remotely and its members are spread in different countries: Czech Republic, USA, Spain, and Germany. […]

Win32:Reveton-XY [Trj] saves hundreds of computers worldwide and cybercriminals know it!!!

It has been more than a year, since we last time reported about Reveton lock screen family. The group behind this ransomware is still very active and supplies regularly new versions of their ransomware. Recently we obtained a heavily obfuscated sample. As in most other cases we started with the examination of the obfuscated sample. […]