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Patches from Adobe, Oracle, and Microsoft released

Avast Software Updater helps you apply software updates. Earlier this week, we told our readers about the three Flash Player zero-day vulnerabilities that were found in stolen files that were leaked from the Hacking Team. We advised Avast users to disable Flash until the bugs are fixed. It doesn’t look good for Flash. Because of […]

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パッチの公開されていない Adobe Flash Player の脆弱性が、盗み出されたキャッシュから明らかになるにつれ、Hacking Team で起きたデータ漏えいで悪用コードの流出が続いています。

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Adobe Flash zero-day vulnerabilities threaten your security

Last Friday, Adobe confirmed two new “critical” zero-day flaws in the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin – and earlier versions – for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Today, a third flaw was found. Adobe Flash Player is a widely distributed multimedia and application player used to enhance the user experience when visiting web pages […]

Third Adobe Flash zero-day exploit (CVE-2015-5123) leaked from Hacking Team cache

Exploits continue to leak from the Hacking Team breach, as the latest unpatched Adobe Flash Player bug comes from the stolen cache.Read More

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Morpho: Profiting from high-level corporate attacks

Multi-billion dollar corporations hit by secretive attack group.Read More