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New reconnaissance threat Trojan.Laziok targets the energy sector

A new information stealer, Trojan.Laziok, acts as a reconnaissance tool allowing attackers to gather information and tailor their attack methods for each compromised computer.Read More

Nueva amenaza apunta al sector energ├ętico: Trojan.Laziok

Una nueva amenaza que roba información, denominada Trojan.Laziok, actúa como una herramienta de reconocimiento y permite a los atacantes recopilar información y adaptar sus métodos de ataque a cada computadora comprometida.

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Targeted Campaign Steals Credentials in Gulf States and Caribbean

Last week, McAfee’s Foundstone Incident Response team got hold of a piece of malware that was sent out during a phishing campaign. The campaign targeted several companies and institutes in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and a couple of Caribbean islands. The executable that was sent with the email was called emiratesstatement.exe and the Read more…