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Nonprofit organization upgrades hardware with savings from Avast

Nonprofit organizations operate on extremely tight budgets. Michael Hensley, Information and Facilities Officer at NeighborImpact doesn’t let that stand in the way of his organization’s mission. The Avast team recently spoke with Hensley about his work and how Avast for Business has helped him. “We are a non-profit human-services agency serving 3 counties in central […]

Free software and services your start-up can use

Get your small business up and running with free software. Getting a new business off the ground is not an easy task and can be quite costly, but there are a lot of free software and services available online that your new or small business can use as an alternative to paid-for products. Here is […]

How schools can save big with AVAST Free for Education

Keeping kids safe while they are online is a major concern for educational institutions from schools to libraries to museums. Schools in the United States spend a lot of money on education technology—it was estimated at $56 billion dollars in 2012. That’s about $400 per student per year. A portion of that is earmarked for […]

Superheroes (Could Get You Into Some Super Trouble!)

Loving a superhero is a rite of passage. Whether it is Batman, Invisible Woman or The Hulk, every child wants to feel like they can do some good and ‘flex’ a little muscle power. And with digitally connected devices available on tap and the recent rebirth of Superheroes thanks to movies such as X Men Read more…

Helping Kids Understand Their ‘Digital Footprint’

It’s easy to talk in general about an important topic and apply a catchy phrase to it without our kids really ever understanding it. When it comes to explaining the weight of  their digital footprint kids can quickly glaze over and check out if we fail to speak in terms that matter to them. Start by Read more…

Consumer Reports recommends free security software in 2013 State of the Net Report

More than 58 million American adults had at least one malware infection that affected their home PC’s performance last year. The cost of repairing the damage from those infections was nearly $4 billion. These findings are from the latest Consumer Reports’ Annual State of the Net Report published in the June issue of their respected magazine. […]

Avast antivirus 2012 trial? No, just a scam

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I don’t know what kind of curiosity leads people to the dark corners of the internet, when they want to obtain a new version of antivirus software. It’s somehow irrational to find security software at insecure places. But…. it happens. As you can see, the file name is Avast_Antivirus_2012_Trial_Verion.exe – but it is definitely not […]