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An in-depth look at the technology behind CyberCapture


Earlier this summer, we told you about our proprietary CyberCapture technology. CyberCapture is a vital component of the Avast Antivirus Nitro Update, providing users with increased speed and a higher level of protection against zero-second attacks. In this post, I’d like to dive deeper into the engineering behind CyberCapture and explain the components that give the feature its technical integrity.

In essence, CyberCapture is a cloud-based smart file scanner. In order to provide immediate analysis, CyberCapture automatically establishes a two-way channel of communication with the Avast Threat Labs while securing suspicious files on the user’s PC until analyses are completed. Once a file has been isolated, our team can clear away all the false code, misdirection, obfuscation, and other stuff malware creators use to mask malware’s true intentions. By doing so, CyberCapture is able to dissect malicious file, observe the binary level instructions inside the malware, and understand the true purpose hidden within it.

A new era for politics and information security

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Tuesday’s election defied virtually all expert opinion confidently put forth on traditional media channels. As many pundits have since accurately, albeit belatedly, noted, the outcome was a complete rejection of the country’s political establishment. More than that, it was a repudiation of the centralized, elite-driven information network that wrongly believed it still held a monopoly on public opinion. The result of this year’s presidential election is a stark indicator that the dominance of newspapers and cable television has passed, and that the new barometer of the public mood is social media—which Donald Trump understood better than any of the analysts and commentators who predicted his defeat.

DDoS attack on Dyn took down the bulk of the Internet on Friday


Many of us noticed that some of our favorite websites were acting a little strangely on Friday. Perhaps your tweets were failing to load or your connection to Spotify was wonky. Instead of brushing this off as the result of any regular online bug or unreliable Wi-Fi, take a moment to realize that these sites’ behavior was caused by a massive online attack that wiped out a significant portion of the Internet for hours on end.

Hacker behind DNC email leaks, U.S. election database hacks arrested in Prague


A Russian hacker has been arrested in Prague by Czech police in cooperation with the FBI. The alleged hacker was supposedly involved in several cyberattacks on the U.S. and is specifically suspected of conducting the email leaks that took place at this year’s Democratic National Convention.