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Don’t click on the porn video your Facebook friend shared

Fake Flash Player updates fool Facebook users. Facebook users have fallen victim to a recycled scam, and we want to make sure that all of our readers are fore-warned. Cybercrooks use social engineering tactics to fool people into clicking, and when the bait comes from a trusted friend on Facebook, it works very well. Here’s […]

Cybercriminals phish iCloud credentials from victims of iPhone, iPad theft

Attackers have created phishing sites to trick users whose iOS devices have been lost or stolen into handing over their iCloud credentials.Read More

Cibercriminales van por credenciales de iCloud de víctimas de robo de iPhone o iPad

Los atacantes han creado sitios de falsos (phishing) que engañan a los usuarios que han perdido o les han robado sus dispositivos con iOS para obtener sus datos de acceso a iCloud

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Os cibercriminosos realizam phishing com credenciais do iCloud das vítimas de roubo de iphones e ipads

Hackers criaram sites de phishing para enganar os usuários cujos dispositivos iOS foram perdidos ou roubados, para assim liberar suas credenciais do iCloud

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Fake free codes scam affects PSN and Steam users

Some webpages are giving away free codes for Playstation Network and Steam but, are they reliable? At Avast we discovered a lot of webpages offering free codes, with a value from $20 to $50, for Playstation Network and Steam, two of the most important internet-based digital distribution platforms. Those webpages look very suspicious so we […]