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How iOS users can stay protected against iScam threat

It’s a common belief (and myth) that Apple products are invincible against malware. This false line of thinking has recently again been refuted, as iPhone and iPad users have been encountering a ransomware threat that freezes their Internet browsers, rendering their devices unusable. The ploy, commonly known as iScam, urges victims to call a number […]

Australians beware: Scammers are impersonating the Australian Taxation Office

Australian tax payers are receiving malicious emails that infect computers with Downloader.Upatre and Infostealer.Dyre. Read More

???????????????OTA ????????????? iOS ????????

日本語のワンクリック詐欺が iOS にも広がりました。アダルト動画サイトを介して悪質なアプリを配布し、会員料金を請求してきます。

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SMS ?????????????????? URL ? YouTube ?????

最近のアダルトサイト詐欺で、SMS を利用するスパマーは URL フィルタをすり抜けるために YouTube 動画にリンクを隠していることが判明しました。

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