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Avast Secure Browser Update Boosts Performance | Avast

Your browser is a doorway to the internet, and it needs to be guarded. With all the tracking and targeting and phishing and faking that occurs on a daily basis, you need a browser that filters out the bad and fights off the dangerous. Avast Secure Brow…

Avast Report May Explain Why Users Are Resisting Microsoft’s BlueKeep Patch | Avast

One of the largest tech companies in the world, the U.S. government, and cybersecurity professionals are all fervently urging computer users to apply an easy patch that could prevent a vulnerability known as BlueKeep from becoming a major cybersecurity…

Consumers beware: New malware Catelites Bot could be targeting your banking apps

There is a terrible new malware invading Android devices and using dirty tricks to steal users’ online banking info. Avast Threat Labs worked with SfyLabs to uncover and expose this malware, dubbed Catelites Bot. The malware is similar to a Russian outbreak earlier this year, where cybercriminals successfully stole over $900,000. (That malware was called “CronBot”—which shares similarities with the original Catelites Bot.)