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Russian Hackers at Work, 3rd Gmail Glitch, Magento Sites at Risk | Avast

Russia’s hackers have new phishing tricks
There’s no rest from Russian hacking groups. This time they’re targeting governments in the U.S., the European Union and former Soviet Union territories with weaponized documents containing malware.

Avast pumps protection, performance, and privacy in 2019 | Avast

The tech world evolves. The ones who wear black hats get smarter, and the ones who wear white hats get even smarter. Using AI, machine learning, and the big data of our vast network, we’re proud to be forerunners in the latter category, staying a step …

Security news: More phishing, Canada pays ransom, SMBs are a target | Avast

Data breach in the wild
“Practice what you preach” was clearly not a part of the Swiss-based Veeam’s policy as someone left almost 200GB of data available to anyone online. The unsecured MongoDB server was open from August 31st, 2018 to September 9th,…

How to tell if an Android App is safe to install | Avast

By now, you should be familiar with that sudden bout of uncertainty as you are gearing up to install a new application. How do you check if an Android app is safe to install? Does it have a virus? What does a malware app even look like? If you have eve…

Phishing scams pick up the phone and MikroTik routers watch and listen | Avast

Bank phishing scam phones it in
Many banking customers in Brazil woke up to a rude shock as the security module they installed as instructed turned out to be a trojan. Dubbed Camubot, the Trojan malware proudly sports banking logos and other branding,…