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Scams, Schemes, and Good News for a Change | Avast

Beware this ransomware adware
Pursuing information on a malicious encryptor, cybersecurity researchers stumbled upon a ransomware/adware bundle scheme. Several seedy online shops selling “cracked” software — that is, software that has been hacked and …

10 Simple Tips to Protect You from an Email Hack | Avast

Email remains the most common form of communication today. It’s also the unique identifier for many online account logins, which is the reason it’s still highly targeted by cybercriminals. Once hacked, it can lead to spamming your friends or, worse, …

Russian Hackers at Work, 3rd Gmail Glitch, Magento Sites at Risk | Avast

Russia’s hackers have new phishing tricks
There’s no rest from Russian hacking groups. This time they’re targeting governments in the U.S., the European Union and former Soviet Union territories with weaponized documents containing malware.