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Backstory Revealed, Ghidra Announced and More | Avast

New platforms to clobber cybercrime
Two major announcements at this week’s RSA mark strident leaps forward in cybersecurity, and both rely on the same core principal — sharing knowledge. The combined efforts that make these cybersecurity tools so pote…

Windows Malware for Macs and More Weekly News | Avast

Phishing scam has fishy URLs
There’s a phishing campaign afoot that tries scamming users into believing their email accounts have been compromised. The phishing email claims multiple verification errors have caused the users’ accounts to be blackliste…

Scams, Schemes, and Good News for a Change | Avast

Beware this ransomware adware
Pursuing information on a malicious encryptor, cybersecurity researchers stumbled upon a ransomware/adware bundle scheme. Several seedy online shops selling “cracked” software — that is, software that has been hacked and …