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Teenagers charged with cybercrimes

Forget about shoplifting or painting graffiti on the wall at midnight. Opportunistic teens are turning to cybercrime to get their kicks these days. A 14-year old boy in Florida was recently arrested and charged with a felony offense for unauthorized access against a computer system. The 8th grader said he was playing a prank on […]

How to have a Safer Internet Day everyday

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“Let’s create a better internet together”. Today, over 100 countries celebrate Safer Internet Day by focusing on how people, including teens and kids, use connected technology and what we can all do to make things better. Since AVAST is trusted by over 200 million people worldwide to protect their devices, we asked some of them […]

Talk to your kids on Safer Internet Day 2014

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“Let’s create a better internet together”. Today we celebrate Safer Internet Day 2014 (SID) which promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world. Have you ever talked to your child about making good decisions online? Here are some topics for the dinner […]

Vertexnet Botnet Hides Behind AutoIt

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Recently we found some new malware samples using AutoIt to hide themselves. On further analysis we found that those sample belong to the Vertexnet botnet. They use multiple layers of obfuscation; once decoded, they connect to a control server to accept commands and transfer stolen data. This sample is packed using a custom packer. On Read more…

Kylie Minogue: Australia’s Most Dangerous Celebrity

Noooooooo!! How could Kylie Minogue be considered dangerous? Perhaps I missed that episode of Neighbours? And I am sure there are no ‘danger’ themes in her music. Well, definitely not in Locomotion or I Should Be So Lucky!! But yes, it is true. Aussie pop legend Kylie Minogue is Australia’s 2013 Most Dangerous Celebrity, according Read more…

How To Remain Friends with Your Teen on Facebook

So, you’ve finally convinced your teen to accept your friend request. What an exercise! So, what now? Do you immediately like their every post and start to scan and post all their old baby photos on their wall? NO, YOU DO NOT!! Here are my top tips for remaining friends with your teen on Facebook. Read more…

Superheroes (Could Get You Into Some Super Trouble!)

Loving a superhero is a rite of passage. Whether it is Batman, Invisible Woman or The Hulk, every child wants to feel like they can do some good and ‘flex’ a little muscle power. And with digitally connected devices available on tap and the recent rebirth of Superheroes thanks to movies such as X Men Read more…

Parents – A Child’s Best Role Model

Parents are without a doubt their children’s most important role models. The way we interact with our friends, the way we deal with problems and the language we use all become our children’s subconscious ‘how-to’ guide. Of course, none of us are perfect – although don’t tell the kids that! We all make mistakes and Read more…

Cheating and Bullying: It’s a Bigger Problem than You Think!

The whole purpose of your “youth” is to grow and learn. It’s time to take in lots of information, so ultimately they can evolve, accomplish, and get ahead. However the pressure to grow and climb the ladder of life often leads to unwanted behaviors and actions that lead to significant negative consequences. And with everyone Read more…

The Dangers of a Royal Baby: Scams Abound

Big news stories are always an opportunity for scammers and spammers, who attempt to redirect users to malicious exploit kits or other unwanted services. Britain’s royal baby is the latest news to offer cover for malware. We have already found a lot of spam messages regarding the birth and baby that lead users to the Read more…