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Don’t Ignore the Warnings

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Be honest. Do you really read the warning messages that your browser displays to you? Or do you blindly click the phishing site warnings or the SSL mismatch dialog away? Apparently most users don’t seem to care too much about those warnings and c…

Operation Troy: OpenIOC Release

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  In conjunction with our investigation into Operation Troy, we will be releasing IOC data in the open and highly flexible OpenIOC Framework format. The McAfee Operation Troy IOC can be downloaded here.       In addition to various open/free tools, OpenIOC data can be consumed by:             McAfee Read more…

avast! Mobile Security gets Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine

PC Magazine awarded avast! Mobile Security the Editors’ Choice Award for free Android security apps thanks to its “huge array of powerful tools and fine-grained controls.” A major concern for smartphone owners is the increasing threat of malicious software targeting Android OS. Max Eddy, software analyst for PC Magazine, writes that, “avast! is well-positioned to guard […]

Fake Flash Player installer spreads via Twitter and Facebook

Recently we identified a threat which uses Twitter and Facebook to spread. The origin of the infection begins by clicking malicious tweets or Facebook posts. After clicking a tweet similar to the figure below, the user is redirected to a webpage, which asks to download and install Adobe Flash Player. The translation of the marked […]

avast! Free Antivirus is the best deal for the Real World

In the “real world” of monthly bills and rising expenses, a decision about antivirus protection often comes down to the best protection for the money – and that’s where avast! Free Antivirus wins out over the rest. In the May 2013 Real-World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives, avast! Free Antivirus was up against 19 paid-for internet […]

Security Apps, Malware Race to Be First On Your Mobile

In China, there is a saying: “道高一尺,魔高一丈,” meaning “The law is strong, but the outlaws are sometimes stronger.” In the last few weeks, a new Android malware we’re calling Android/Obad.A has appeared. It uses a number of techniques that have rarely been seen before in mobile malware. Android/Obad.A requests the victim to authorize its Device Read more…

Styx Exploit Kit Takes Advantage of Vulnerabilities

Web-based malware has increased over the last few years due to an abrupt spike in new exploit kits. These kits target vulnerabilities in popular applications and provide an effective way for cybercriminals to distribute malware. We have already discussed Red Kit, a common exploit kit. Recently McAfee Labs has observed an increase in the prevalence Read more…

Your Facebook connection is now secured! Thank you for your support!

The title of this blog post may make you think that we will discuss the security of your Facebook account. Not this time. However, I will analyze an attack which starts with a suspicious email sent to the victim’s email account. The incoming email has the following subject, ‘Hey <name> your Facebook account has been […]

Android:Obad – malware gets smarter – so does AVAST

If you had the privilege to meet Android:Obad, which Kaspersky earlier reported to be the “most sophisticated android malware,” you are in a real bad situation and this will probably be the moment to which you’ll be referring to in the future as “The time I learned the hard way what better-safe-than-sorry means.” A few […]


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寄稿: 篠塚大志


最近の調査で、シマンテックは Word13.exe という変わった名前のサンプルを発見しました。外見だけからすると、デジタル署名された Adobe 社製のファイルのように見えます。

Fake Certificate 4.jpg

図 1. Adobe 社の署名の付いた Word13.exe ファイル

Fake Certificate 1.png

図 2. 偽のデジタル署名のプロパティ


Fake Certificate 2.png

図 3. 偽の署名と証明書

これが偽物であることは、[発行者]フィールドに「Adobe Systems Incorporated」と書かれていることでわかります。Adobe 社は VeriSign 製品の顧客だからです。また、証明書の情報を見ると、CA ルート証明書を信頼できないこともわかり、これも決定的な証拠になります。

Fake Certificate 3.png

図 4. Adobe 社の正規の署名と証明書

シマンテックは、このファイルに対する保護対策を提供しており、Backdoor.Trojan として検出します。

Backdoor.Trojan は、自身を実行して iexplore.exe または notepad.exe にインジェクトし、バックドア機能を開始します。


  • %UserProfile%\Application Data\ aobecaps \cap.dll
  • %UserProfile%\Application Data\ aobecaps \mps.dll
  • %UserProfile%\Application Data\ aobecaps \db.dat

また、ポート 3337 で以下のコマンド & コントロール(C&C)サーバーに接続します。

  • Icet****ach.com 


  • ユーザーとコンピュータの情報を盗み出す
  • フォルダを作成する
  • ファイルを作成、ダウンロード、削除、移動、検索、実行する
  • スクリーンショットを取得する
  • マウス機能をエミュレートする
  • Skype 情報を盗み出す

このマルウェアの被害を受けないように、ウイルス対策定義を常に最新の状態に保ち、ソフトウェアも定期的に更新するようにしてください。ダウンロードの URL が提示された場合には、必ずその URL を再確認し、必要に応じて念のために証明書と署名を確認してください。


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