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Android ??????????????????????

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Android モバイル OS は、これまでに何度もその動作を大きく変えてきました。それは、ルート権限を取得していないデバイスに対するマルウェアの攻撃方法に影響を与えてきた歴史でもあります。

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Why independent testing is good for Avast Antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus just received another AV-Test certification for its stellar protection against real-world threats, performance in daily use, and usability.   Yay! It’s like collecting another trophy for the display case or another blue ribbon to hang on the wall, but what does it really mean? How is this type of testing useful for […]

How Android’s evolution has impacted the mobile threat landscape

Significant behavioral changes made to the Android mobile operating system have affected malware and how it applies to non-rooted devices.Read More

?????????????????????? Poweliks ????????? Kovter ?????

Kovter マルウェアの亜種は、レジストリ内にのみ潜んで検出をすり抜けるという Trojan.Poweliks の画期的な手口を初めて模倣しています。

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Kovter malware learns from Poweliks with persistent fileless registry update

A variant of the Kovter malware is the first to use Trojan.Poweliks’ pioneering tricks by residing only in the registry to evade detection.

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What does the Avast Sandbox do?

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The Avast Sandbox lets you run a questionable program without risking your computer. The Avast Sandbox is a special security feature which allows you to run potentially suspicious applications automatically in a completely isolated environment. This is particularly useful if you don’t completely trust whatever you just downloaded or you visit dodgy websites because programs running within […]

Tiny Banker hidden in modified WinObj tool from Sysinternals

The Tiny Banker Trojan is spread by email attachments. Tiny Banker aka Tinba Trojan made a name for itself targeting banking customers worldwide. The Avast Virus Lab first analyzed the malware found in the Czech Republic reported in this blog post, Tinybanker Trojan targets banking customers. It didn’t take long for the malware to spread globally attacking customers […]

Apple jailbroken phones hit with malware

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“Biggest iPhone hack ever” attacks jailbroken phones In what has been called the biggest iPhone hack ever, 250,000 Apple accounts were hijacked. That’s the bad news. The good news is that most Apple device users are safe. Why? Because the malware dubbed KeyRaider by researchers at Palo Alto Networks, only infects “jailbroken” iOS devices. (there’s […]