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Terror-alert spam targets the Middle East, Canada to spread malware

Cybercriminals spoof law enforcement officials in Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey, and Canada to send terror-alert spear-phishing emails containing Backdoor.Sockrat.Read More

Sticking unknown USB devices into your computer is risky business

If you found a USB stick, would you plug it into your laptop to see what’s on it? Sounds like a risky thing to do, but in a recent experiment in four major U.S. cities, that’s exactly what happened when 200 unbranded USB devices were left in public places. One in five people let their […]


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日本国内のプリンタなどの機器販売業者から送信された注文確認に偽装した偽メールが、Infostealer.Shiz を拡散しています。心当たりのないメールには十分に警戒してください。

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More malware found on third party app stores

As Google Play tightens their security measures on mobile apps, hackers are moving to third party app stores. Fake apps imitating popular apps were found on the Windows Phone Store earlier this week. Now a new batch of infected Android apps imitating the real deal have been found on unofficial third-party Android app stores. The new […]

Japanese corporations targeted with active malware spam campaign

Fake emails posing as order confirmations from local Japanese suppliers of printers and components are spreading Infostealer.Shiz. Be aware and be cautious of unsolicited emails.Read More

Android ??????????????????????

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Android モバイル OS は、これまでに何度もその動作を大きく変えてきました。それは、ルート権限を取得していないデバイスに対するマルウェアの攻撃方法に影響を与えてきた歴史でもあります。

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Why independent testing is good for Avast Antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus just received another AV-Test certification for its stellar protection against real-world threats, performance in daily use, and usability.   Yay! It’s like collecting another trophy for the display case or another blue ribbon to hang on the wall, but what does it really mean? How is this type of testing useful for […]

How Android’s evolution has impacted the mobile threat landscape

Significant behavioral changes made to the Android mobile operating system have affected malware and how it applies to non-rooted devices.Read More

?????????????????????? Poweliks ????????? Kovter ?????

Kovter マルウェアの亜種は、レジストリ内にのみ潜んで検出をすり抜けるという Trojan.Poweliks の画期的な手口を初めて模倣しています。

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Kovter malware learns from Poweliks with persistent fileless registry update

A variant of the Kovter malware is the first to use Trojan.Poweliks’ pioneering tricks by residing only in the registry to evade detection.

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