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Avast SecureMe protects iPhones when connected to Wi-Fi

Avast SecureMe for iPhone

Your iPhone data may require a court order for the FBI to look into the contents, but if you log onto an unsecure Wi-Fi hotspot without protection, any old snoop can eavesdrop on what you’re doing.

That’s right, while you’re busily messaging, shopping, banking, and uploading a photo of your lunch to Instagram, a hacker with a little know-how can easily read your messages, steal your logins, passwords and credit card details.

How can hackers steal my data?

Even if you are connected to a recognizable Wi-Fi network, your device has no way of distinguishing a securely encrypted public Wi-Fi from one that is not.

Unsecured routers are susceptible to DNS hijacking, by which cybercriminals redirect web traffic to fake Internet sites. When users log in, for example, to a banking site, thieves can capture the login credentials. On unprotected Wi-Fi networks, thieves can also easily see emails, browsing history, and personal data if you do not use a secure or encrypted connection like a virtual private network (VPN).

Avast SecureMe solves the problem of unsecure Wi-Fi

Avast SecureMe is a free app for iPhones and iPads which protects you while connected to Wi-Fi.

Popularity of Apple devices prompts surge of new threats

Apple users can no longer be complacent about security, as the number of infections and new threats rises.Read More

Avast SecureMe app protects iOS users from Wi-Fi hacking

  Avast SecureMe is the world’s first application that gives iPhone users a tool to protect their devices and personal data when they connect to Wi-Fi networks. The free app scans Wi-Fi networks and tells users which of them are safe. Since many users use Wi-Fi networks without knowing whether or not they are safe, […]

Avast 2016 protects your private information

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Avast simplifies how you protect your privacy with new products for 2016. Count the number of devices you own. If you are like most modern digital-age people, you have a smartphone, half of you own a tablet, and most all of us have a desktop or laptop computer connected through a home router. Now think […]

iOS ????????????????????Android ??????????

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シマンテックは、Youmi 広告ライブラリの Android 版がユーザーデータを収集していることを確認しており、これまでにもすでに遮断してきました。

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iOS ????????????????????????? YiSpecter ?????

トロイの木馬 YiSpecter は、企業における Apple iOS のプロビジョニング機能と、プライベート API を悪用して広告収入を獲得しようとします。攻撃を避けるためには、信頼できないソースからアプリをインストールしないようにしてください。

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YiSpecter threat shows iOS is now firmly on attackers’ agenda

YiSpecter Trojan abuses Apple’s iOS enterprise provisioning and private APIs to earn ad revenue. Avoid it by not installing apps from untrusted sources.

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