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In search of the perfect instruction

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Knowing the language of common microprocessors is essential for the work of virus analysts across the AV industry. Each program you run – clean, malicious, no matter – is actually a set of commands (called instructions) specific for particular processors. These instructions can be very simple, e.g. addition of two numbers, but we can see […]

Before You Share, Ask Yourself “Is This TMI?”

Social networks and new online services make it easy to share the details of our lives, perhaps too easily. With just a few clicks, posts and messages, you can give away enough personal information to compromise your privacy and even open yourself up to identity theft. Hackers use information you post online to try and Read more…

Password Safety In A Connected World

It has become increasingly common for personal and professional social media accounts to become ‘hacked’, or taken over by someone who doesn’t own the account. Twitter’s help center points out that this occurs from weak passwords, a pre-existing password-collecting virus on your computer or by entrusting your login credentials to malicious third-party websites and applications. Read more…

Protecting Your Always-Connected Digital Life: McAfee and Intel at CES 2013

How many devices do you have connected to the Internet? When you count up all the computers, smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected devices in your home, the number can add up quickly. Our online lives have become second nature: We shop online, bank online, and network with friends, families, and coworkers through social networking sites. Read more…