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Taking a closer look at cracked Ashley Madison passwords

People create terrible passwords. As simple as this might sound it unfortunately remains news to millions — if not billions — of individuals who use the Internet. As proof, we’ll take a look at a selection of passwords that were revealed in the Ashley Madison leak. Regardless of any shortcomings Ashley Madison had in terms […]

iCloud celebrity photo hack: What’s fappening?!

Just about a year after a plethora of celebrities’ nude photos were leaked online, two homes in south Chicago have been raided and investigators have named one of the suspected hackers. As this controversial story and investigation continues to unfold, Avast researchers have come up with a few speculations regarding the origin and motivation behind […]

#EverythingisGD as Avast sponsors Team FNATIC

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Video gamers dedicate thousands of hours of training and spend their own money for the best systems as well as skins, upgrades, and items that show the world their persona. They need to know that their hard work and monetary purchases are protected. AVAST is proud to announce our sponsorship of Team FNATIC in the […]

Attempted hack against AVAST

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Yesterday, several companies had their websites hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers. We can confirm that there was also a hacker attempt against the AVAST site – we assume from the same group – but we took immediate steps and therefore were able to contain it. According to published reports, the hacked companies’ accounts, used to manage […]

Yahoo! Hacked: 15 Tips To Better Password Security

In light of the Yahoo Voices hack where 450,000 passwords have been compromised, it’s time again to let the world know what they are doing wrong when it comes to passwords. CNET pointed out that: 2,295: The number of times a sequential list of numbers was used, with “123456″ by far being the most popular password. Read more…

6.5M LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Stolen: What Users Should Do Now

–Updated at 2pm pacific– Earlier today, Norwegian computer site, DagensIT.no, reported that 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were recently posted to a Russian hacker site. LinkedIn is continuing to investigate the incident, but has confirmed that “some of the passwords that were comprimised correspond to LinkedIn accounts.” According to DagensIT.no, only the hashed passwords were posted. Read more…