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Comentarios en las cuentas de Facebook de Buzzfeed, ESPN, y Huffington Post llevan a estafas de soporte técnico

Criminales cibernéticos promueven enlaces a películas gratuitas que llevan a estafas de soporte técnico para usuarios de Windows, Mac y dispositivos móviles.

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Morpho: ????????????????????????


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Morpho: Profiting from high-level corporate attacks

Multi-billion dollar corporations hit by secretive attack group.Read More

Vacation scams can ruin your holiday

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Do you dream of lounging with an umbrella drink on a sunny beach, hiking by a pristine lake in the cool mountains, or leisurely strolling through a world class museum? As you begin to make summer vacation plans, much of it planned and reserved via the Internet, here are a few scams to be aware […]

Don’t click on the porn video your Facebook friend shared

Fake Flash Player updates fool Facebook users. Facebook users have fallen victim to a recycled scam, and we want to make sure that all of our readers are fore-warned. Cybercrooks use social engineering tactics to fool people into clicking, and when the bait comes from a trusted friend on Facebook, it works very well. Here’s […]

Como manter a segurança online em um mundo cada vez mais digitalizado?

Há algumas semanas falei aqui sobre um memê que a minha irmã publicou no Facebook satirizando o nosso dia a dia atual em que oferecemos às visitas a senha da conexão Wi-Fi de casa em vez de um copo d’água ou café. Parece que muita gente não consegue mais viver sem ela: a internet. Estamos […]

Posting a privacy notice on Facebook is useless

An old hoax has been resurrected after Facebook made a recent announcement about its updated privacy policy. The copyright message claims to protect users’ pictures, information, and posts under UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute. It’s seems so official; it just must be true, right? Here is an example that I saw […]

Facebook’s new privacy policies and your data security

2015 is arriving and, as usual, tech companies start to launch their updates for the new year. However, it looks like someone is sparking some debate with its recent policies that are to be implemented in less than a month. That someone is… Facebook. After all the controversy around the Facebook Messenger app last summer, […]