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Crypto remorse? Author of new Locker crypto ransomware repents after earning just US$169

Crypto ransomware author appears to regret encrypting victims’ computers and automatically decrypts their files.

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Wi-Fi Security feature foolproofs your network connections both in public and at home

Wi-Fi Security is a feature that is available for Android users within the Avast Mobile Security app as well as within Avast SecureMe for iOS. The feature’s job is to scan Wi-Fi connections and notify you if it finds any security issues including routers with weak passwords, unsecured wireless networks, and routers with vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. While […]

Is IoT in the Smart Home giving away the keys to your kingdom?

Symantec analyzed 50 smart home devices and found that many of them included several basic security issues, such as weak authentication and common web vulnerabilities.Read More

¿El Internet de las Cosas es un Riesgo para tu Hogar?

Symantec analizó 50 dispositivos presentes en los hogares inteligentes y encontró que muchos de ellos presentan varios problemas de seguridad básica, como autenticación débil y vulnerabilidades comunes de red.

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A IoT na Casa Inteligente está entregando as chaves do seu lar?

A Symantec analisou mais de 50 dispositivos para casas inteligentes e descobriu que muitos incluíam diversos problemas básicos de segurança, como autenticação fraca e vulnerabilidades web comuns.

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FREAK ????????????????????

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最近報告された FREAK 脆弱性を悪用すると、攻撃者は、セキュア接続に対して強度が弱く、簡単に復号可能な暗号方式を強制的に使用させることができます。

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FREAK vulnerability can leave encrypted communications open to attack

A recently reported flaw lets attackers force secure connections to use a weaker, breakable form of encryption.Read More

Vulnerabilidade FREAK pode deixar comunicações criptografadas abertas a ataques

Uma falha divulgada recentemente permite que atacantes forcem conexões seguras a utilizar uma forma mais fraca de criptografia, que pode ser quebrada.

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