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Usuarios de Dropbox son blanco de estafa de phishing

Fake Dropbox login page attempts to steal credentials for popular email services.

Página falsa de acceso a Dropbox intenta robar credenciales de los usuarios de este servicio y de algunos de correo electrónico.

Is Dropbox Dropping in on Your Shared Files?

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The ability to instantly share and interact through online sources has become an expected part of our daily lives. We live in a time where any service that helps make this happen is quickly welcomed. And because of this mentality, cloud services such as Dropbox, where people can access shared information and files in real-time Read more…

No More Lost Data: Connect Your Mobile Device Offline

We’d all like to think that with the current offerings and enhancements in mobile services we have unfailing access to the information superhighway. High-bandwidth, mobile networks (4G LTE) promise the speediest connection for all of your data—email, photo posts, check-ins—anywhere, anytime. The truth is that although we feel completely connected through our mobile devices, this Read more…