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Data breaches, Fortnite flim-flam, and a whammy of a cyberattack | Avast

Data breach #1: Ticketmaster UK
On Wednesday, Ticketmaster UK alerted customers their data may have been stolen due to malware found in one of its customer support products. The infected product, hosted by third-party supplier Inbenta Technologies, wa…

How to fight sophisticated cybercrime | Avast

As all the pieces of our cyberworld — personal laptops, business desktops, smartphones, digital assistants, TVs, appliances — grow more connected, they also make us more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Both on the individual and corporate levels, cyberattacks have become big business, which in turn has made cybersecurity big business as well. The research firm Gartner  estimates that $96 billion will be spent on global information security in 2018, an 8% increase from 2017.

Travel site phishing scam and genealogy site data breach | Avast

Booking.com users get phished

Some unfortunate travelers had their thirst for adventure rewarded with a steaming mug of scam. Users of the popular travel-booking site booking.com received bogus texts directing them to change their passwords “due to a security breach.” A malicious link in the text, if clicked, gave the phishers access to that user’s bookings. A second text then capitalized on the booking data by demanding bank info to “process payment” for the user’s specific trip. Booking.com is part of the hospitality magnate that includes priceline.com, kayak.com, and opentable.com. A spokesperson for the site states their system was not compromised, pointing to select hotel partners as the attack victims. The company claims all impacted guests have been notified and that any damages will be compensated.

5 malware attacks making the news | Avast

BMWs at risk of hacking

BMW is in the process of issuing security patches to drivers of its 2017 i3, 2016 X1 and 525Li, and 2012 730Li. The patches will cover fourteen newly-discovered vulnerabilities, four of which can be triggered only through physical connection to the car computer systems, while another four require USB connection to the car. The remaining six vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely. A diligent cybercriminal can gain access to the cars’ infotainment systems, T-Box components, and UDS communication. In light of the findings, BMW has embraced the value of third-party cybersecurity research, and they are working on fixes.

US & UK issue security warning and tech giants join forces | Avast

US & UK on alert for possible cyberattack
On Monday, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the UK National Cyber Security Center issued a first-ever joint statement warning businesses and residents of both nations that a wide-scale …

It’s Phishing Season | Avast

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At this very moment, your inbox is teeming with them. Like an annual migration upriver, phishing emails swim their way into the inboxes of all Americans when tax season rolls around. Every January 1st through April 15th, cybercriminals blitz the public with their most clever deceits. They pose as someone you know or an institution you use, stating in an official-sounding way that “there’s a problem with your account, just click here to clean it up.” That’s their bait. It’s all decoy.

Avast Hack Chat looks at the hacks on Mr. Robot

Anyone interested in computer security and how it is circumvented, will certainly enjoy the hacking that takes place on USA Networks hit television show Mr. Robot. The show has been praised not only for its compelling story line but for its “accurate portrayal of cybersecurity and crime.” Every Wednesday night after the show airs, our […]

Weekend wrap-up: Cyber security news from Avast

Here’s your wrap up of security and privacy related news from the June 17 – 27 posts on the Avast blog:   It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and many people are going on or planning their vacation. Beware of fake vacation packages and beautiful rental properties that are not as they seem. These Vacation […]

Businessman hackers brought down in USA and Europe

Cybercrooks run their organizations like businesses these days. They have multinational offices, marketing departments, business development, and technical support teams. Maybe they also need some security…  Malware entrepreneur sentenced to 57 months in prison One such malware entrepreneur, Alex Yucel, sold malware through a website that he operated, to other hackers. The Blackshades malware allowed […]