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Hospitals and healthcare providers under cyberattack

The recent ransomware attack on the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles has spooked the healthcare community. Hackers installed *ransomware in the hospital computer system and held patient records hostage while demanding payment. The hospital eventually paid $17,000 to have their files unlocked. Attacks on major insurance and healthcare systems last year including Excellus […]

3 Recent Cybercrimes – Why Security Matters to Your Online Business

The economy is improving, consumer confidence is up, and eCommerce is expected to grow 13% in 2013, all good signs right? Along with these positive signs, the   online threat landscape continues to grow as well. In the last two months alone, cyberattacks have not only been high in quantity, but also high in quality, hitting Read more…

Netflix Slow Today? Global “Biggest Attack Ever” May Be to Blame

Users experienced widespread delays and outages in Internet service around the world this week after a group called Spamhaus made a new addition to its spam blacklist—a Dutch company called Cyberbunker. Email service providers (like Gmail or Hotmail) use blacklist services like Spamhaus to separate likely spam messages from legitimate mail, and as it turns Read more…